“Ice dun dun” fraud case, solved!

2022-05-01 0 By

Beijing 2022 Olympic winter games are hot on the games mascot “ice mound mound” are popular with people as a new international “top stream” is “a pier is hard to find” out of love for “ice mound mound” many people choose to buy online for criminals to see the new “business opportunities” on February 7, 2022, yancheng citizens (large NianChuQi) morning Mr Yan in the networkFind someone who can be bought on winding “ice mound mound” so two transfer through paying treasure to buy “ice mound mound” dolls when contact each other again but found shielding Mr Yan has been thought of his friend recently also by the person buy “ice mound mound” then contact friends ask situation result also blocked and have received only a glasses cloth in the express yan found deceivedImmediately call 110 to yancheng city public security bureau salt south high-tech zone branch of new police station for help estimate value is small, although far will chase yancheng police attaches great importance to begin work immediately on successfully locked the suspect on February 8, south high-tech zone branch salt yancheng city public security bureau criminal police brigade joint xindu station went to Beijing to carry out the arrests overnight success captured the criminal suspect Hu Mou Hu Mou made illegalCrime is confessed the case is since this year the province detected the first “ice mound mound” electricity after the preliminary examination fraud case had got broken case of fujian xiamen 2 cases 1 up in shaoxing, zhejiang, jiangsu funing 1 at present, the case is being further trial | jiangsu police sources