Buses don’t stop arriving. What do you think of Anshun?

2022-05-01 0 By

Recently, the citizen Ms Chen reflects to the reporter says, when she waits for a car recently, appeared several times 21 road car arrive station does not stop phenomenon, bring inconvenience to its life, hope to cause relevant department to take seriously.The reporter learned that After getting off work at 7:30 every night, Ms. Chen would walk to the Dongmenzhuang bus station of Liangliu Road and take the No. 21 bus back to the downtown area, which was issued from the east gate of Anshun Vocational College. During Ms. Chen’s recent waiting, the bus did not stop several times.”It was very inconvenient at night, and the street lamp on the platform was not on. It was dark around and I felt very dangerous, so I hoped to get on the train as soon as it came.If you miss this one, you have to wait more than 10 minutes for the next one.”The reporter also learned that Ms. Chen in the process of waiting for the bus, see no. 21 bus after the platform will wave, the bus driver did not stop for some reason.Because it was night and the car was driving so fast, Ms. Chen couldn’t read the license plate number.The bus that did not stop passed the dongmenzhuang bus stop at about 7:40 p.m.In view of Ms. Chen’s problem, the reporter dialed anshun 12345 government service hotline for reflection.The staff said that the situation would be reflected to the relevant disposal department for processing.Buses are a window of urban civilization and an indispensable means of transportation for citizens’ daily trips. What do you think of buses that do not stop at the platform?Statement above information source @ Anshun Daily big data wisdom all media reporter @ Wu Guiqiong Yue Read help Club we refuse — life is boring, work is weak, do what is boring!Want to change?We help you the first time yue read anshun things, to help you enjoy eating, drinking and shopping, to help you yue love life, work and their own!Join us!Be a better you!2070 original content public account