2019 Anhui Provincial director unified test

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1. There are 35 small questions in this question, 2 points for each question, 70 points in total.Xing is one of the artistic expression techniques in The Book of Songs. The following lines use this technique is ().[A] Thick reeds, white dew for frost [B] the destiny of the black bird, descending and living business [C] In July, September clothes.2. The Spring and Autumn Annals contains both praise and criticism between the lines, showing the author’s ideological field of maintaining The Rites of Zhou and against the tyranny, which is called by later writers as ().A. The gray line of grass snake B. the gray line of grass snake C. The touch of iron turns into gold D. The brushwork of spring and Autumn Period 3. The thinker who put forward the theory of good nature and emphasized virtue and the thinker who advocated the theory of evil nature and emphasized rationality are ().A. how b. how C. how D. how 4.The following myths embody the fighting spirit of “knowing what is impossible and doing it” is ().A: Nwa patched the sky B: Hou Yi shot the sun C: Jingwei Filled the Sea D: Chang ‘e Flew to the moon 5.Not translating abstract ideas into concrete visible images ().A. Know me, that my heart sorrow;What will he ask of me that knoweth not me?Long heaven, where is this man?B. It is difficult to meet and it is difficult to separate. The east wind is weak and flowers remain.A stream of tobacco, city wind catkin, plum yellow rain asked you how much sorrow, just like a river of spring flowing east.The following works are symbols of yuan zaju “four fold one cheese” “script system” and “one lead singer” performance system ().A. Guan Hanqing’s “Single Sword Club” B. Wang Shifu’s “The Story of the Western Chamber” C. Bai Pu’s “Phoenix Tree Rain” D.Ji Junxiang “The Orphan of Zhao” 7. “A Dream of Red Mansions” in the judgment “all birds from the end of the world, only love this life;One from two to three wood, crying to jinling even more sorrow “said ().A. Is it right? B. is it right? C. is it right?”Save the children…”From Lu Xun ().A. Diary of A Madman B. Kong Yiji C. Happy Family D. Blessing 9.The following are incorrect themes and artistic features of Yu Dafu’s novels ().A. poetical novels B. autobiographical novels C. romantic novels D. Social analysis novels 10.The following writers’ works are not set in Shanghai.A. MAO Dun, Midnight B. Ba Jin, Cold Night C. Wang Anyi, Song of Everlasting Sorrow D. Jin Yucheng, Flowers 11.The place where the situation depicted in Zheng Chouyu’s new poem “Mistakes” appears is ().12. Which of the following writers is not A representative of the Misty Poetry school?() 13. What is the difference between the thought of novels and the representative works?A. Scar novels – Liu Xinwu’s “Teacher in Charge” B. Reform novels – Han Shaogong’s “Dad dad” C.Avant-garde novels-Ma Yuan “Fiction” D. New realistic novel Fang Fang “Scenery” 14. Are the following network novels and their subject types incorrect?Is ().A. Du Lala’s Promotion by Li Ke B. Fight against the Sky C.Tong Hua “Bu Bu Jing Xin” suspense novel D. Tianya Ba singing “Ghost Blows out the Lamp” tomb raiding novel 15.The lyrics “Du Liniang and Du Liniang look beautiful, but du Liniang looks beautiful from her own hands” are from the classical drama The Peony Pavilion ().A. Dream B. Dream C. Photo D. Play 16.A. The Death of A Famous person B. The Death of A famous person C. The death of A famous person D.17. The following works and the scene of the play are not correct ().A. Cao Yu’s “Thunderstorm” — Zhou Gong Guan B. Guo Moruo’s “Qu Yuan” — East Emperor Tai Yi Temple C.Lao She “Teahouse” — Chunlai Teahouse D. He Yiping “The First Floor under heaven” — Quan Jude Roast Duck Shop 18.In Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, the conflict between Helmer and Nora is ().A. Dr. Nguyen’s love for Nora B. Helmer’s illness C. the family financial crisis D. Crockstein’s letter 19.The picture below shows the 9 performance areas in the drama stage, among which the performance area has the most audio-visual impact ().A.1b.2c.5d.68 7 95 26 — Figure 3 1 4 front 20.Duncan, an American dancer, created the Statue of Liberty through body language, and his work praising patriotism and heroism in the French War is ().A. Don Hause B. Marseillaise C. Dance of the Future D. Death and the Maiden 21.Starring zhou Xuan and singing the song “Song of the Four Seasons” and “The Girl of the Horizon” is ().A. Road Angel B. Road Road C. Spring Silkworm D. Song of Fishing 22.The plot “The protagonist returns to the place where he lived decades ago and opens a katydid cage that has been locked up for decades and releases it.”Appear in the movie ().A. Roadside Picnic B. The Last Emperor C. The Assassin D. Cinema Paradiso 23.The famous actress starring in Gone with the Wind and a Streetcar Named Desire is ().A. Vivien Leigh B. Marilyn Monroe C. Audrey Hepburn D. Ingrid BergmanThe following is not from The Shawshank Redemption.A. A portrait of Rita Hayworth B. the Marriage of Figaro C. A Bible in which to hide A stone D.25. Dr. Caligari, directed by Robert Weiner, represents the genre ().A. realism B. Expressionism C. Impressionism D. Surrealism 26.In 1983, At your Service, the first regular program host was ().A. Shen Li B. Chen Duo C. Hong Yun D. Zhao Zhongxiang 27. A five-episode documentary co-produced by CCTV and Japan’s NHK in 2006 ().A: Look at the Great Wall B: New Silk Road C: The Forbidden City D: Story of the Yangtze River 28. The Tongfu Inn, which appears in the God of Wealth, combines modern fashion elements and tells the story of the shopkeeper and his partner.It has been one of the highest rated programs of CCTV since April 1, 1994, and a landmark program supervised by the media.[A]. News Probe [B]. Focus Interview [C].().A. 50 f/sB. 24 f/sC. 29.97 f/sD. 25 f/s31.In photography, tone refers to the level of light and shade shown by the image, and tone is ().A. the thickness of silver shadow B. the density of silver shadow C. the light and dark tone d. the color structure and configuration 32.The following two shots are correctly described by ().A. Two lenses are assembled in line with the axis rule b. Two lenses are assembled in line with the axis defect C.On May 23, 1999, the first professional TV news channel in China was ().A. ctV-13B.CCtv4C. Guangdong TV News channel D. Fujian TV news channel 34 The following characters and TV series corresponding to the wrong ().(A) Yu Zecheng (” Hidden “) (B) Mei Changsu (” Nirvana in Fire “) (C) Su Wenwan (” Fortress Besieged “)Lu Yuhan “White Deer Plain” 35.1997 directed by Chen Weiya and starred by Huang Doudou, it is a one-act classical dance drama that embodies the Chinese hero’s high fighting spirit, tenacity, faith and full of passion ().A. Su Wu B. The Soul of qin Terracotta Army C. Elegy of the Western Chu Dynasty D. Urge the Lute immediately after drinking it ii, multiple choice 题 (this big question is 6 questions, 3 points for each question, A total of 18 points)Among wang Wei’s poems, there are paintings in poems and poems in paintings.() A. Bright moon pine, clear spring stone upper stream B. desert smoke straight, long river falls yen C.The following are some sentences describing the scenery in the mountains at four seasons in The Story of the Drunkard’s Pavilion.A. A line of clouds with different colors, A moment into five pick B. wild fragrant hair and fragrance, beautiful wood show and fan Yin C.[A] Raise the Red Lantern [B] Raise the Red Lantern [C] Raise the Red Lantern [D] Raise the Red LanternLiu Heng, “Black Snow” — Xie Fei, “Benmingnian” C. Shi Tiesheng, “Life if the Strings” — Chen Kaige, “Singing while walking” D.Wang Shuo “Animals are Fierce” — Jiang Wen “In the Sunshine” 39. The plot comes from “The Sea Pianist” is ().(A) The protagonist was abandoned on A ship after his birth in 1900. (B) the protagonist returned to his hometown of Sicily many years later.The hero’s creative inspiration was inspired by the woman standing outside the window. D. The hero did not leave the Virginia and chose to destroy the ship with it.The plot elements in the following movies correspond correctly to ().A. Wheat dumplings “Mountains May Depart” B. Sky burial “Horse Thieves” D. Rooftop and Elevator “Inferno”What mentors did the Voice of China have in 2018?A. Nicholas tse b. jay Chou c. wang feng d. li jian3, fill in the blank (this big question is A total of 16小题, each 小题2 points, A total of 32 points)Feng Menglong’s “three words” are respectively “_ ___”, “Warning world Tongyan” and “Waking World Hengyan” 43.Yao Nai, the representative of tongcheng School, proposed the unification of textual examination and diction in ancient prose theory.Cha once made the first characters of his novel-length works into a pair of couplets, “Laughing” in “Flying snow to shoot white deer, laughing book gods leaning on bi yuan”.Author of the science fiction novel The Three-Body Problem.”Nekhludoff” “Maslova” is the protagonist of Russian writer Leo Tolstoy’s novel “”.47. In the early Qing Dynasty, the freehand brushwork flower and bird painting of Lotus, Stone and Waterfowl by the author named “Bada Shanren”, the fish and birds in his paintings either roll their eyes to the sky or close their eyes indifferently, reflecting the painter’s lonely and desolate state of mind.48. Rodin’s sculpture, known as “a toad in a Sack”, is “A Toad in a sack”.During the Daoguang period, huizhou and Han tones communicated and merged, absorbing Beijing, Kun and Qin tones.As well as local operas, tunes of folk music, and forms of local art performances.A new type of opera, Peking Opera, was formed.50.1928. Hung Shum suggested that the theatrical form in vernacular Chinese be named.51. The Odessa Steps from the movie.52. Kevin Testner’s 1991 Academy Award winning book on American reflection on war and compassion for Native Americans.In 2018, Xu Zheng starred a movie reflecting social reality.Directed by Wang Fulin, China’s first real TV drama is.55. Director of the TV dramas “Kite” and “Plot” is.56. There are two main narrative structures in popular TV dramas: one is the serial structure, which is mainly linear.One is structure, with scattered narrative.The light source for outdoor shooting in sunny days comes from the sun, including scattered light from the sky and refracted light from the ground environment.Write the story according to the three sounds given below.(90 points) Rain sound footsteps bell requirements: clear theme, reasonable plot, rich imagination, vivid language, the title of the draft;These three voices must appear in the story, but not in any order;No duplication, no plagiarism, no less than 800 words.59. “Still Life” (directed by Jia Zhangke), which won the Golden Lion for Best Film at the 63rd Venice Film Festival, is an excellent representative of contemporary Chinese realistic films. This film is analyzed and commented from the perspective of long-shot language.(90 points) Requirements: self-drafted title, no duplication, no plagiarism, no less than 800 words.