Zhejiang female teacher embarrassed big!School just know forgot to send winter vacation homework!The principal knew what to do

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Zhejiang female teacher embarrassed big!School just know forgot to send winter vacation homework!After school began, the teacher opened the door of her office and took a look at her desk. She found that she had forgotten to give her homework to the students and was still sitting on her desk.How can I do that?Look at the picture: school just know, forget to send winter vacation homework why forget to send winter vacation homework?One is the winter vacation, too many things, too miscellaneous, busy in the omission!I forgot my winter vacation homework!Visible teacher thing is really too much!What are they?It is epidemic prevention, safety, and other things at sixes and sixes of the superior, busy, a mess, a feather!However, no matter how busy you are, you shouldn’t throw away your winter vacation homework.Winter vacation homework is not a top priority, not the core work!Low on the list!Second, the teacher is careless, not a very careful person, may usually forget things: or often forget the key at home;Or often forget to turn off the gas switch;Or on the way to the house often remembered that they had left it closed;Or is in love, once the girl is in love, easy to chaos;Or there are other cases…Anyway, I forgot my winter vacation homework!Three is that winter vacation homework in the eyes of students and parents is a scary thing, to hide it, why?Generally to the winter vacation, students must do winter vacation homework, parents must help check winter vacation homework!Parents, students unexpectedly no one mentioned this matter!So, avoid it!The teacher did not send, students do not mention, parents do not ask!It means you can’t hide!Why hide?When it comes time to finish their winter vacation homework, students are anxious and their parents are overwhelmed.It takes up a lot of time for students and parents…So we don’t ask, the teacher did not give is not to!Fourth, it shows that the “double reduction” results are obvious.Parents and students all know that there is no winter vacation homework!What do you do in winter vacation?Let students fly, have a good time, do their favorite things: or to the training class study;Or to the library;Or practice a hobby…Happy New Year…So many parents didn’t ask about winter homework!This is a consensus!If a parent or student asks, the teacher will issue homework immediately!Results: the teacher did not send winter vacation homework, parents are embarrassed to call the teacher, the holiday will no longer disturb the teacher, it seems that parents respect the teacher.No winter vacation homework, do something interesting regardless of what reason, anyway, no winter vacation homework!Netizen 1: My colleague often forgets to swipe his face to check in at work, overseas students forget to have lunch at noon, and the university gives out welfare benefits and forgets to collect them…I’ve been working for 40 years and I’ve never heard of a teacher forgetting to hand out homework.How big is the teacher?Principal: Serious accident!District notice, deduct all salary bonus year!Netizen 2: student collective silence, have no one to homework of, good!Net friend 3: The children had a very empty, very ethereal, very romantic, very comfortable winter holiday!The teacher’s status in the children’s eyes is high again!How to do?One is the teacher do not have other ideas, not to become a burden in the heart, not to worry.Better not to let the principal know, once let the principal know, the principal will have other ideas about the future work, or will give the teacher a slip!Don’t think the headmaster will take it to heart if he doesn’t appear critical!Next, some things are not arranged for the teacher, delay.So, the teacher himself know not to send winter vacation homework on the line!Don’t post it online!Second, this is called: hit right!Shows that children, parents do not like holiday homework!Don’t give out assignments for the rest of the summer. Get rid of it.After removing, how to improve performance?Or will focus on improving the efficiency of classroom teaching, in the classroom teaching up and down true efforts: in the classroom implementation, do not go to the implementation of the class.It depends on the real skill of the teacher.Therefore, improve the teacher’s classroom teaching ability, the teacher should be honest, dedicated, concentrated on teaching research.The third is to have a plan for everything, everything in advance is established, unanticipated waste!Make a list of things to do.At the same time, but also improve the teacher’s thinking ability, do things to be methodical, slowly, not in a hurry, a mess, a feather.Not only can it not work, it can be bad.Remember that!Four is no winter vacation homework, other training may take advantage of the opportunity to seize the children’s time!Because children at home idle nothing to do, parents are not satisfied, the teacher is not assured, often afraid of children trouble.Therefore, let the child participate in a variety of training, a variety of interest classes, the child is very tired, avoid from one extreme to another extreme.In short, the teacher forgot to issue winter vacation homework, it was a job, but through the event things found: winter vacation homework is really not important, even dispensable, winter vacation homework is a chicken ribs.Next, teachers should re-formulate vacation plans, change teaching ideas, and achieve the teaching objectives implemented in class.