Who was the ultimate victor in the Korean War?

2022-04-30 0 By

Watching the movie “Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” on Spring Festival brings people back to the Korean War 70 years ago.The Korean War, for the Chinese, was a war they could have avoided, but eventually had to fight.If China had not fought in the Korean War and American troops, led by General MacArthur, had succeeded in achieving their strategic goal of having their soldiers home by Christmas, how would North Korea look like Ukraine today?How is China’s global geopolitical passivity different from Russia’s?For the Chinese, it was a war of heroes and blood.Because of their different backgrounds and positions, none of the participants in the Korean War admitted that they lost the war.Even the United States says that he was the first commander to sign an armistice agreement that failed to win.Very euphemistic words, and somewhat to the American soldiers and Americans at that time, the United States could have a tie result and explanation.However, the performance of each country after the Korean War also showed that each country had won or lost the war.”I became the first commander in American history to sign an armistice that was not won,” said General Clark, who signed the armistice on behalf of the United States.That led the Chinese volunteers into the fight, and on behalf of the Chinese people’s volunteers in the armistice was signed marshal peng dehuai, said a very proud word: “the western invaders for hundreds of years, as long as the one in the east coast in set up several cannon, can take the age of a country, is gone!”Since the armistice of the Korean War ended 70 years ago, several generations of Chinese filmmakers have made one movie after another that makes The Chinese people’s blood boil with the process or content of the Korean War.And the United States?Although there is no lack of classic movies about war, the Korean War is a scar that can never be touched, which has become the blank of movies about war.China was the real victor in the Korean War!