What to watch for today’s Winter Olympics

2022-04-30 0 By

China’s short track speed skating team will try its best to show its “ace of the masters” men’s 5000m relay. The five teams in the final are all strong in 20.44 minutes.China’s short track speed skating team of Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Sun Long, Li Wenlong and Zhang Tianyi will go for gold in the men’s 5,000m relay.In the semifinals, the Chinese players fell off the track for touching the ice blades of an opponent, and the referee decided that the Chinese team was interfered by the opponent. The top two teams in the group, Canada and Italy, advanced to the final of Group A, along with South Korea and Russia.Of the five finalists, Canada, which has won six gold MEDALS in this event, was the pre-tournament favorite.South Korea, always China’s rival, is also eyeing the gold medal.Italy is a silver medalist in Salt Lake City and Russia a gold medalist in Sochi.However, in front of these strong hands, The Chinese team’s confidence is not bad.Of the five registered competitors, the leader is Wu Dajing, the men’s 500-meter short-track speed skating world and Olympic record holder;Ren Ziwei, a two-time Gold medalist in Beijing;Sun Long, Li Wenlong and Zhang Tianyi all performed well in the World Cup.The bronze medal and silver medal won in Sochi and Pyeongchang Winter Olympics are the strength of The Chinese men’s short track speed skating team.Now in the decisive battle at home, we expect them to reproduce the style of the “trump card”, in the Beijing Winter Olympics short track speed skating on the last day of the competition to achieve good results.At 19:30, Three Chinese women’s athletes, Zhang Yuting, Han Yutong and Zhang Chutong will compete in the 1500 meters.The quarter-final starts at 19:30, and the final group A final is scheduled to start at 21:18, the last short-track speed skating gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Zhang Yuting, Han Yutong and Zhang Chutong will go all out to make a strong bid for a medal or even gold.At 9:30, freestyle skiing men’s slopestyle final will be held at Genting Ski Park.Chinese players Qi Guangpu and Jia Zongyang performed well in the qualifying round on the 15th to advance to the final.Jia was third in Sochi and second in Pyeongchang, while Qi was fourth in Sochi.Both veterans have the strength to stand on the podium, and even a shot at gold.