The couple have been together for 32 years, but their sons secretly take their father away, leaving their 86-year-old stepmother at home alone

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The couple has been together for 32 years, and now her husband Zhang Guanghui is 90 years old.Zhang Guanghui’s two sons picked him up half a year ago, and Lin Shuhua, the stepmother of 32 years that pays hard for the family, was abandoned cruelly however, can face empty house of one person only.The old couple was introduced to set up a new family in 1988, Zhang Guanghui has two sons, Lin Shuhua has two daughters, originally a harmonious family, the two old people’s life is simple and happy, but since half a year ago, Zhang Guanghui was taken away by two sons, the calm life was disrupted.With the help of the court Lin Shuhua old man finally learned the whereabouts of her husband, in the corridor of a hospital in Changsha, Lin Shuhua saw her husband, two people met and cried, Lin Shuhua took out his new clothes and dumplings for her husband, her husband gently wiped away tears for his wife.Everyone could see that the couple were very much in love, but such a tender scene was quickly interrupted when Zhang guanghui’s son refused to let his father eat the food Lin shuhua had brought, and even threw everything she had brought out.The wife holding her husband is reluctant to separate, but the hospital is so noisy that it affects other patients, but Lin Shuhua can only leave in tears.The reporter followed Lin Shuhua old man came to the home, before two people live together in this small home, now Zhang Guanghui things have been taken away, the only thing left is only five pairs of leather shoes.The stepson not only took Lin shuhua’s beloved husband, but also took the family’s bank cards and valuable calligraphy and paintings.Can be in Zhang Yong here got a different view, Zhang Yong accused the stepmother in his father’s hospital and they are also in court, open mouth will be 5,000 yuan of living expenses.Then the eldest son Zhang Bin came, the brothers such as a withdrawal.In the face of two stepson blame, Lin Shuhua also cold heart.Back home, the old man talked about the past 32 years to the Zhangs father and son pay, in the past when he had no money, his relationship with his stepson is good, just married when the stepson are not married, before and after he helped a lot, since the husband’s retirement salary increased to 10,000 yuan a month after the change.Lin Shuhua is making dumplings in the house, the old man still can not rest assured her husband, want to go to visit, but rushed to the hospital to know Zhang Guanghui has been discharged.Smell this Lin Shuhua could not help but shed tears again, Lin Shuhua full of injustice, she knows that this must be the stepson’s handwriting.Then Lin Shuhua took her granddaughter and reporters to say, but there was no response in the house, at this time just met to go to his brother’s home Zhang Yong.Lin asked to meet her husband, but Zhang refused.In Zhang Yong’s mouth, his family and stepmother this is two families, Lin Shuhua often take his father’s money to supplement his daughter, the old couple often quarrel for money, now the father is old, the brothers take care of their father this is natural.And in pick up the father of the time also carried on the property division, Lin Shuhua got 160,000 pension.But the fact seems not to be like what he said, Lin Shuhua had done business in the early years, there are a lot of savings in hand, not only do not need to spend Zhang Guanghui’s retirement salary, but also often take money to Zhang Yong Zhang Bin’s sons, but these Zhang Yong obviously will not recognize.The father and stepmother did give some money to the younger generation, but it was out of the old man’s love for the children, and Zhang didn’t think it could be attributed to them.This time Lin Shuhua still did not wish to see her husband, looking at the empty home at this time mixed feelings.Once Zhang Guanghui said that two people died to be buried together, and bought the cemetery, now her husband is not dead Lin Shuhua is left alone.Heard Lin Shuhua’s experience, the neighbors have been complaining, Zhang Guanghui these years in bad health, Lin Shuhua in the care of her husband from afraid of dirty tired, has been cleaning up her husband.Zhang’s two sons rarely show up, and on the few occasions when they do, they basically ask their father for money.In order to properly solve the problem of the old age of two old people, the reporter about both sides to the judicial mediation, Zhang Bin suggested that both sides contribute money to ask a nanny to take care of his father, but his father’s retirement wages can only be kept by themselves.Lin Shuhua does not agree with Zhang Bin’s view that the common property of husband and wife should be jointly supervised by the children of both sides, and the situation was suddenly in confusion.Seeing this situation the mediator said a few words of fairness, in love in law, both old people should live together, Lin Shuhua has her own retirement salary, can completely achieve economic independence, now they need each other’s company more.Zhang Bin said to discuss with his brother to make a decision, two months later Zhang Guanghui was hospitalized again, Lin Shuhua heard hurriedly came, now Zhang Guanghui has not recognized his wife, three months ago, he can also gently wipe away his tears for his wife, now see lying on his body crying, but there is no reaction.The doctor said That Zhang Guanghui was about to be discharged, but about zhang Guanghui’s destination or the need to discuss both sides.Lin Shuhua pays 32 years hard, in the end stepson people still think she is an outsider however, hope both sides can have an appropriate method, let two old people can spend old age peacefully.