Taking stock of 2021, how do these farmers in Bayannur embark on the road to prosperity

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The beginning of the year is a time to take stock of the harvest and plan for the coming year.Today, let’s listen to the harvest and joy, happiness and touching of the two protagonists in 2021.Join the good model dividend steady take this Spring Festival Linhe District Wolf town bright a group of Wang Wenbin, that rentoya husband and wife mood is particularly comfortable, the Spring Festival shopping is particularly rich, a cow, a sheep…They don’t normally spend so much on Chinese New Year.In 2021, they finished renovating the house they bought in Linhe City, which had been vacant for three or four years because they could not afford to renovate it.”My husband and I earned nearly 250,000 yuan in 2021. Can we not be happy?This is thanks to the golden Prairie Group’s good model.”On January 28, Inner Mongolia Gold Grassland ecological Science and Technology Group tianjitai town breeding park, Na Rentoya quickly took a bottle to feed the baby lamb, while smiling to reporters.Nearby, Wang Wenbin spatulls the grass scattered on the ground into a feeding trough.The good model that Na Rentoya said is the 2.0 mode of “releasing mother and collecting lamb” of Golden Grassland Group, which is guaranteed loans for cooperative farmers by Golden Grassland Company. Farmers get large credit support from banks and enjoy government discount interest policy, and then cooperate with Golden Grassland Company in the form of capital investment.The company provides breeding ewe for farmers to raise and recycles their lambs at above-market prices.In the process of cooperation, relying on the advantages of the breeding park and its own technology, the enterprise provides high-standard and modern breeding sites for farmers, uniformly buys and proports forage materials, participates in the whole process of guiding farmers to feed scientifically, and provides free epidemic prevention programs to ensure the survival rate and health of sheep.When the lambs are recycled, the company buys lambs from farmers at a protective price of 4 to 6 yuan per kilogram above the market price.Enterprises and raisers share the profits and risks in agreed proportion.The rentoya home a total of more than 40 acres of land, a few years ago, the in-laws in the home, the rentoya couple in the river city to work, the whole family hard work, bought a suite in the city, handed in a few years has no money to decorate.At the beginning of 2021, they came across the mode of “letting mother go and collecting the lamb” of Golden Grassland Group by chance. With the mentality of trying, the couple signed a cooperation agreement with Golden Grassland.”We adopted 1,000 basic ewes, and the company issued 1,100 fixed fetal ewes. The extra ewes were compensation for unwanted pregnancies and miscarriages.Lambs raised to 35 to 40 jin company recycling.We collected 1,540 lambs from our first batch of ewes, and the company paid us more than 120,000 yuan, which we received in July.The company has just settled the second batch of lambs, 1,786 in all, and the money is in hand.””The company to provide modern breeding enclosure, feed and technical guidance, feed, cleaning enclosure are mechanized.There was a dormitory next to each enclosure, and we lived in the dormitory. It was clean and warm in winter with electric heating.Meals are uniformly eaten in the company canteen, which is economical and practical.The company advances each family 5,000 yuan for living expenses every month.It’s better than farming.”Narentoya was smiling.As soon as the couple received their first collection of lambs, they renovated their new house.Seeing the real profit of “releasing the mother and collecting the lamb”, her in-laws also moved their hearts and signed a cooperation agreement with Golden Grassland Group, adopting 1000 basic ewes.These days, the ewe in the parents-in-law circle is in lambing period, the couple to help the parents-in-law lambing, feeding.”The company has also distributed one apple, one orange and one dried fruit to each household.On New Year’s Eve, we asked the workers to watch some sheep and then went back home to have a big dinner with our families.Do well after the New Year!”Rentoya smiled and his eyes sparkled with hope.In 2021, more than 4,800 households in 7 qi counties and districts of The city enjoyed a dividend of more than 25 million yuan brought by the mode of “releasing mothers and harvesting lambs” of Jingrassland Group.On the afternoon of January 28, Wuyuan County, Taerhu town for nongle supply and marketing farmers professional cooperative base, several people in the busy will be a box of waxy corn jinggong out of the warehouse, boxing, ready to send the next morning to Linhe, Wuyuan some specialty stores.”Everywhere and I want goods, can not supply, so the end of the goods.”Wuyuan county characteristic fruits and vegetables association chairman, for the agricultural music supply and marketing of farmers professional cooperatives well Guiyu while commanding loading, while speaking to reporters.Hand over to others, well GUI fish and reporters that he returned to the process of agricultural development and harvest.In 2015, Jing Guiyu, with his savings from years of wholesaling fruits and vegetables in Linhe, returned to his hometown nairi village and set up a farmer’s professional cooperative, hoping to lead villagers to get rich together.He led the villagers of the cooperative to furrow and ridge honeydew, which solved the problem of waterlogged honeydew necrosis.Leading farmers in the construction of steel greenhouse, the development of greenhouse agriculture, tomatoes and melons;Developing tourism economy…In the fall of 2019, he discovered a huge business opportunity in waxy corn during an expedition.”People are health-conscious now. Corn is a healthy food. It’s in great demand in the South.He said.After investigating the market and production issues, he registered the well trademark in the spring of 2020, and signed planting orders with farmers at the recovery price of 0.65 yuan per stick of waxy corn to introduce waxy corn production line.That year, farmers waxy corn per mu average income of nearly 3000 yuan, compared with ordinary corn income increased by nearly 1000 yuan.Waxy corn quality, sales overall good.After a year of exploration, in 2021, Wells guiyu and cooperative farmers signed a 500 mu waxy corn planting orders, corn mature, in less than a month on all the processing.With last year’s experience, corn production and processing in the process of quality control more strict, more perfect quality.This year, jinggong sweet glutinous corn sales can be described as “hot”.In the corn processing period, there are merchants to buy the vehicle.By the end of production, half the corn had been sold.By winter, 1.5 million cob corn has been basically sold through online and offline sales channels.”We sold them online, offline, wholesale and retail. We sold them all over the country. Some of them were also distributed in Japan and the United States.The last few days have been the last few shipments.”Well guiyu said.As the dust settles on the 2021 harvest, Iigui is mulling over the 2022 production.He plans to raise the purchase price of orders and sign orders with farmers for at least 800 acres to produce more than 5 million bars of corn.”When they bought corn this year, many farmers wanted to renew their contracts.”Well guiyu said.He wants to bring in investors, buy new production lines and, if successful, expand the area of the order.He also wants to build a supply chain of high-quality agricultural products to transport the best hetao products to Places like Beijing.Now there are more than 400 members in the farmer specialized cooperatives for the supply and marketing of agricultural music.”Professional farmer cooperatives bring farmers together, and with leaders, large-scale and standardized farming can be realized,” UI said.”Farming is a tough business.I want to do it and lead farmers to increase their income and get rich.”Well GUI fish said, a full face gratified.Text, pictures: Bayannur Daily, all media reporter Yang Zhili editor: Qiao Hong