Suvs are still the sales code/here comes the new Royal!Here are 7 new luxury brands I want to buy this year

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After the storms of 2021, both luxury and ultra-luxury brands have reached a consensus that SUV models are still the code for sales.Among the ultra-luxury brands, most are following in the footsteps of Cayenne, with Bentley Tianyu and Lamborghini Urus before and Aston Martin DBX after.Ferrari said it would never build an SUV, but finally couldn’t resist.Even so, there are brands like Jennesseth and Lincoln that continue to plow the market…Ahead of this year’s Beijing Auto Show in April, Das was sent to look ahead to the 2022 luxury brand market to see what new cars are worth looking forward to.After being unveiled at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, the new Range Rover is finally coming to Chinese consumers.To be honest, I always thought of the Range Rover as a separate vehicle from the Land Rover brand.Not to mention the lukewarm reputation of Land Rover in recent years, other Land Rover models have been criticized on the Internet, such as “many minor faults”, “20% discount tiger” and other slots, none of which appear on the Range Rover, and you might even feel that there are more and more Range Rovers on the street.It’s as if the Range Rover has always been a Land Rover in a different universe.In terms of consumer groups, The Range Rover is completely different from other Land Rover models. Even with the Lincoln Navigator in front and the Maybach GLS in pursuit, the Range Rover has always held the needs of customers in a tight grip.In my opinion, the fifth-generation Range Rover is the most anticipated LUXURY BRAND SUV for 2022, and while it is well beyond my means, I also feel that the new range Rover has a youthful G-spot aesthetically.Range, in effect, always in the “be yourself”, the fifth generation model has not been the new energy vehicles “science fiction” forward bias, even for range models do not understand consumers, thought that new car is just the fourth generation of models on a big change – the fifth generation of models to maintain the outline of the generation of models and body scale, at the same time more on detail complanation, concise design,It can also cater to younger consumer groups.In addition, on the interior, from the tone and atmosphere, can make consumption ability of the middle-aged satisfaction, I personally feel luxurious feeling than the new S class even a lot of good.For The Land Rover brand, sales of the new Defender have recovered, and there is no pressure for the new Range Rover to win another round in the premium luxury market.I’m looking forward to seeing how this “S-class of luxury SUVs” will perform in the market.Lexus LX estimated price: 1.2million to 1.5 million YUAN, I believe that the beam can also off-road luxury brand SUV, in addition to the Mercedes G, the future only Lexus LX.Of course, we can not simply divide the camp by whether it is not the bearing type body structure, although the domestic market is peaceful, but the full-size SUV competition in the North American market has entered white-hot, more and more luxurious at the same time, but also to emphasize their own characteristics.Although you all know that owners of Mercedes G’s and Lexus LX’s rarely actually take them off-road.The new generation LX still continues the tradition of the car series. Although it is based on TNGA’s new platform landcruzmer, it is not a complete new design in terms of interior and appearance.The side proportions are a bit odd, the net design is a bit overworked, and the center console looks like a bigger screen and higher-level overlay designed to distance itself from Toyota.Of course, the most interesting thing about the new LX is the power system. Lexus shows you that the turbine is stronger than the large displacement natural suction.The parameters of the new V35A-FTS 3.5T twin-turbo engine with 415 HP and 650 NM speak for themselves.While missing the 5.7-L V8 power, don’t forget that the 3.5 twin-turbo contributes to Lexus emissions and points that real LX consumers don’t care about.In fact, we also know that Lexus LX has no problem selling. As a multimillion-dollar giant car, it looks like it will succeed if it is fierce and noble enough. After all, LX cars are not built on innovation and design.For affluent consumers on the planet with less natural (road) environments, there aren’t many options for luxury brand SUVs with reliable products and consistent quality.In the Middle East, East Asia and other markets, the Lexus LX is an unrivalled presence.There is a word circulating in the street: “Orthodox German luxury in South Korea”, which refers to the new generation of Genesis G90.Of course, Rome was not built in a day. The polish of this Korean luxury brand in the D-class sedan field has also gone through the changes of three generations of models in 15 years, and the emergence of the new generation OF G90 has broken the sweet confidence of the German luxury brand leadership.Design-wise, the Genesis G90 not only feels like something out of nowhere, but also proves that the German brand is past its prime.The overall lines are elegant and innovative, and the headlamp design is avant-garde and classical. Genesis has changed the stack design of traditional Korean cars on G90 and started from the size of D-class executive luxury cars, while the high-end design language only needs simple design.In my opinion, Genesis has come into its own with the G90.The interior of G90 does not pile up the screen like the crazy German brands do now, but balances the screen, material and layout through design.In many people’s opinion, the orthodox style of luxury is not extravagant, but G90 style is “a bit of a frowsty coquettish, and a little restraint”, very fit with the tone of the South Korea luxury brand – neither in new energy wave by wave under the trend of the lost, an administrative level of luxury cars was not lost on the way to present a sedate D car fitted.It can be said that the Genesis G90 has a unique aesthetic sense of orthodox luxury.Even though Genesis has an insurmountable barrier of recognition in the domestic market as a Korean luxury brand, I really hope that this low-key luxury Korean Bentley will shine at the Beijing Auto Show in April.Lincoln Z estimated price: 255,000-342,000 yuan In 200,000-300,000 yuan market is currently besieged by a variety of new energy vehicles, Lincoln can now launch MKZ replacement three-compartment sedan is not easy, after all, Ford has completely abandoned the car business in the North American market.And Lincoln Z this time to challenge the domestic luxury brand car market has been solidified, in fact, not small.I know, at this moment, many netizens will take out mondeo and EVOS, although these three cars have a price gradient of 190,000 yuan, 220,000 yuan and 250,000 yuan, but there are indeed inextricably linked between the three cars, of course, ford group’s platform strategy makes Lincoln Z become the most beautiful that flower.In terms of design, the front and rear logos that can be lit on the highly equipped cars, and the LED daily running lights and taillights that run through the whole front and rear of the car, this design language also creates the theme tone of the next generation of Lincoln models.As a work of brand inheritance for one hundred years, Lincoln Z also continues the window frame integrated chrome-plated rearview mirror on continental models in details, and with the slender waist line, the unique administrative flavor of Lincoln cars is not reduced at all.As for the 12.3-inch full LCD instrument + 27-inch through-through central control screen in the car, it is less amazing after experiencing the influence of EVOS and Mondeo, but the visual experience brought by nebula human-computer interaction system can still lead the sense of technological luxury of this level of products.The new design of the two-frame steering wheel brings the Lincoln Z back to the peak of American luxury in the 1950s, with classic elegance and a sense of technology.The 2.0T+8AT powertrain combination, whether on the Mondeo or the Lincoln Z, is a very capable powertrain configuration.With 82,000 units sold in 2021, it’s clear that the Lincoln Z will be the brand’s main growth point in 2022.Back at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Alfa Romeo unveiled its compact SUV, the Tonale Concept, and revealed the interior design in the prototype that followed.This year, the Tonale finally surprised fast car fans around the world after Chinese New Year by announcing that it will go on sale worldwide in the fall.”An Alfa Romeo compact SUV” doesn’t sound like a Buddhist SUV.Made by Alfa Romeo, it’s certainly a gem when it comes to handling, but many eagle-eyed people can tell from the Tonale’s front suspension — yes, the Tonale is an SUV based on the FCA Freedom precursor platform.Overall, the Tonale looks a lot like Stelvio from pillar B to pillar C, but is smaller than Stelvio.At the same time, Tonale has more sense of design than Stelvio in front and rear of the car, and the positioning of the compact model is more delicate than Stelvio.The headlights of the LED day lights and the rear through the taillight design, is clearly in the 156/159 classic car salute.Tonale’s unique retro design alone has caught the eye of “fast car fans”.In terms of driving-related features, such as the Brembo four-piston braking system, DNA driving mode selection, and all-aluminum paddles on the steering column will not be missing on high-volume models.While Tonale uses FCA’s older platform, it’s up to date with the powertrain, offering a 1.3-ton PHEV plug-in hybrid, a high-low 1.5T+48V light hybrid, and a 2.0-ton pure fuel version.Many people’s dream of “love fast” will be realized through Tonale. Although it is only a compact SUV, we haven’t seen such an exciting and relatively accessible Alfa Romeo for a long time.Maserati Grecale estimated price:If Levante and Ghibli helped Maserati through the most difficult period, then Grecale, which skipped tickets many times and even missed the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of 2021, will be a new starting point for the Italian super luxury brand in 2022, at least in terms of brand sales.Will be an extraordinary stimulus.As can be seen from the latest supercar MC20, Maserati is getting closer and closer to Alfa Romeo, while Grecale directly shares the platform with Stelvio. Aside from the 2.0T light hybrid system, Stelvio’s positioning as a mid-size SUV is also maserati’s most in-depth attempt to explore the brand.If Levante is a rival to the Porsche Cayenne, this time the Grecale will go head-to-head with Macan, both in price and positioning.As for the design changes of Grecale, the design style of Levante was continued without suspense, and the design details of headlights, middle net and taillights were adjusted according to the size of Stelvio platform.The middle and roof lines of the b-pillar area are basically Stelvio’s clone.So far, only the steering wheel has been revealed on the interior of the new car, which also has the same Alfa Romeo steering wheel as the MC20, with the Trident logo in the middle.For those who want to hear maserati’s signature sound, the Grecale Trofeo will be powered by the same Nettuno Poseidon 3.0T twin-turbo powertrain as the MC20.Although Maserati’s brand image has been greatly discounted through Levante and Ghibli in exchange for sales and profits, from the perspective of brand premium ability, the profits earned by Grecale in the future will also enable this Italian super luxury brand to continue to launch exciting supercars.The Urus accounted for nearly 5,000 of Lamborghini’s 8,000 units sold worldwide last year.For ferrari, after nearly three years of testing, the brand’s first SUV, the Purosangue, will be officially released this year — ferrari executives have repeatedly stressed that this is not a standard SUV, and is even closer to the GTC4lusso in design philosophy.The Purosangue is officially defined by Ferrari as a five-door, four-seater FUV with a body shape similar to that of a crossover wagon/safari.Either way, a high-performance all-wheel-drive system, a rear-mounted gearbox, and a hybrid system based on a V12 or V8 engine are essential.With the success of the FF and the GTC4Lusso, there is a strong consumer base for this type of car — a ferrari that can give supercar performance to four people.From the perspective of the current heavily camouflaged car, Purosangue makes people look forward to ferrari’s definition and understanding of SUV. No matter how this Italian super luxury brand casts magic on an SUV, we can be sure that the traffic password of super luxury brand is SUV.Just for ferrari’s logo, Chinese tycoons-the Urus from Lamborghini next door is a good example.Conclusion: Above is the focus of Driving PI on the new cars of luxury brands/super luxury brands in 2022. It is not difficult to see that most of these brands will rely on SUV models to ensure profits and sales this year.Of course, there are also Lincoln Z, Jennesseth G90 such eye-catching car works.So among the new cars introduced today, which one do you prefer/want to buy?Text | John117 graph | network