Rebirth of Tang iii: Book 11, chapter 603

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Chapter 603: My destiny is not my destiny!”Bang –” there was a clear sound.See, that besiege dark demon demon emperor’s golden halo, “uncertain storm”, answer is broken and go.And after the dark demon demon emperor is also full of “endless terror killing breath”, is coldly staring at the eyes of that “huge virtual shadow”.In his feelings, can be very obvious to detect, the other body of the breath, it seems that there is not the beginning of the “so strong”.Compared with their present self, it is obvious that both sides have a very “sharp” contrast.”So since this is so, can not blame me, to blame, blame that” xiu Luo “his previous behavior.”You want to save him, then you can die with him.””Dark demon demon emperor holding this life artifact, dark Kowloon, is toward” Tang three “where the impact.He wants to use this one blow true “destroy” each other, even if the other party and he is the same as “big demon emperor realm” existence, he has also been born “must kill the heart”.For no other reason, to cut off the future of his race would be to destroy their entire dark Dragon race, so this “hatred” is enough to make him feel free to do anything.”Ah…”Not far away, feeling the explosion from the dark demon demon Emperor and breath lock, Tang three can not help but sigh.Originally, he had been the initiation of a “retreat”, do not want to continue to entangle with the other side, after all, the situation evolved into now, has been in line with his initial heart expectations.There was no point in fighting again, because there would be no result.But, see the other party’s meaning, it seems to be really want to “kill him”, just willing to give up.At this time, tang three in the depths of his mind, can not help but emerge, not long ago with the “master of fate” of the title of the fox demon king said to him a prophecy: “hit there.”To know, I am afraid that the present situation, may be the fox demon Emperor early has been expected, after all, with the “fate control” can he, want to do this is not very difficult.However, he did not therefore help tang three change fate, or say, he also want to see, this one even he is not see very “clear” fate will evolve into how, may be more in line with a little.”Was there a hit?”Ha ha, rob or not rob, I do not know, also do not know, but, I only know, my life is not by me, whether in the past or in the present, my fate, only I own the master, only I can control, other people, can not interfere.”Light voice, then is in the tang three mouth mumble.Then, in his body, the “yellow and gold energy” that had been vaguely extinguished suddenly burst forth again.It was like a tenacious life that could not be burned out by wildfire but was revived by spring breeze.(to be continued) Public number: Douluo has been authorized to this article