Full of happiness!Free medical services have been upgraded

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On the morning of February 10, Jiang Wenchu, a villager from Yang Village, arrived at the newly built Yangfen Community health service station. He walked into the wisdom hut and began to measure his blood pressure and received free antihypertensive medicine.”How convenient it is to have medicine at your doorstep!”Jiang wenchu, 75, has suffered from high blood pressure for more than seven years.He told reporters that in the first two years of hypertension diagnosis, his blood pressure control was not ideal because of the lack of understanding and attention to hypertension.Persuaded by his daughter, Jiang signed a contract with a family doctor, and immediately his information was listed in the list of two chronic diseases in Xiazhu Lake Street, becoming the focus of the family doctor’s attention.For people with chronic diseases like Jiang wenchu, the sense of access to free medical services does not stop there.To enhance the level of chronic diseases prevention and control, 2018, our county will be high blood pressure, diabetes, free drugs listed in the county government “for people” project “, those who have household registration and into the family doctor effective deqing contract signing of hypertension and type 2 diabetes, be determined by the family doctor treatment, all can be in local institutes or village clinics for high blood pressure, diabetes drugs for free.”With free medication and the care of my family doctor, my blood pressure is stable now.”By the end of 2021, 17,000 people with high blood pressure and 11,000 people with diabetes had benefited, with a total amount of 10.77 million yuan.Chronic disease management is guaranteed, and childhood immunization programs are also the focus of people’s livelihood.The varicella vaccine, as a non-immunization programme vaccine, has always been given to the recipients voluntarily and at their own expense. The cost of each dose is 164 yuan.As one of the most popular practical things for people’s livelihood, free inoculation of chickenpox vaccine for school-age children was included in the practical things for people’s livelihood project in 2021. Since September 1 of that year, free inoculation of chickenpox vaccine for school-age children has been officially implemented in our county, and school-age children do not need to pay for inoculation.What the people worry about, the government does.According to statistics, in 2021, 7,306 permanent resident school-age children in our county were vaccinated against chickenpox free of charge;Free rectal cancer screening was carried out in 20,158 high-risk groups, and colonoscopy was performed in 1,172 of them.57,834 people in key groups received free influenza vaccine…With the continuous improvement of free medical services, deqing people’s sense of access to medical treatment is rising.-END- Reporter: Han Jie Video: Yao Jie Yang Editor: Chen Yuran Review: Zhang Zheping epidemic prevention tips