“Disassemble” free fish from 0 to 1, the value of 3980 yuan

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Core: selection, price advantage and SEO detail optimization a good selection is half of the success, others sell 100 you sell 500, for who to do do not do well, some agencies to you said package source, do not need you to choose, then you think you are not to help people sell tools?Is this another variant of the legendary wechat business?If you do e-commerce will not choose products, will never enter the door, your earnings are always over a few hands.I don’t want to be reported. What they teach is what I said below. If you don’t believe me, you can buy it and try the effect.Just to give members friends more career development options.First, how to choose products?① E-commerce platform to find: ShouXuan Pinto Duo Duo, 80% of idle fish sellers are in Pinto Duo Duo to find the source of goods, you don’t think why buyers don’t go to Pinto Duo Duo to find?This is why the “inverted inverted” always exists, there are information gaps all the time.You go to the major e-commerce platforms to find the hot selling products or products you want to sell, and the best selling products are on the DiYi page. Look at the sales volume and review. The following are some of the purchase channels of e-commerce.Alibaba 1688, caiyuanbao, TaoBao Union, FIGHT DD, world factory, Huicong network, Dunhuang network, a show makeup, zhili children’s wear network, Hangzhou women’s wear network, 17 do shop, network business park, clothing network, Yiwu buy, Kaishan network, business network.I found it on Baidu.(2) to see what are the resources around you, friends and relatives classmate, even friends wechat business (if not, baidu search, the more is wechat business drainage), these are your resources, doing so has two advantages, one is the somebody else has already chosen that you want to believe, can continue to do business to sell products or people, must have their merit,And maybe there is a certain price advantage, eliminating the link of choosing products, you look at their product prices you search in the e-commerce platform above, there are other purchase channels, for you to upgrade the supplier purchase price, do their own preparation.(3) really don’t know what to sell, the more you brush the short video, brush the advertisement more, see what ads, which products recently suddenly burst fire up, these needs certain business sense, seeing much more thinking, when they fire up, is a time when you talk to sell, the early price no advantage, you can lose points appropriately Qian, only S, weight up account,If you open your account, your products will be in front of others, and then earn money at the back.Second, SEO thinking to do e-commerce must have SEO thinking (Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization thinking), that is, keyword Optimization, your product you want to try to stack keywords as far as possible, level two and long tail keywords.SEO key, is to let the machine crawler retrieve you this (content) inside the highest frequency of the word, also better understand you this (content) is what to do, easy to recommend.If you don’t understand SEO, imagine what keywords you would search for if you bought the product.There are two methods: using Baidu index, you can search for the product you want to sell, you can see where the product is most searched, its long tail keywords, what are the relevant keywords.② The second method: there are some free paid keyword search software, here do not talk in detail, there are secret versions, you can also baidu search, many very.Three, how to do idle fish?An ID card can open 3 pay treasure, direct pay treasure login idle fish, that is to say, a person can have 3 idle fish number, the company pay treasure can open 10 or so, not repeated here.DiYi step: account packaging: including the name, introduction, profile picture, these will not directly see how to sell good sellers write, you copy.Step 2: Click the + symbol at the bottom of Xianyu APP to upload the product.1, the title description how to write the title is not more than 30 characters, the front 30 words, do not care about YuJu smooth, the baby can think of different name to write up;Such as hot water bags: hot water bags, hand warmers, hot water bottles, hand warmers and so on;Then add some modifiers such as: self-use, idle, 99 new, etc.If there are brands, it is better to bring them, such as xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Gree and so on.Secondly, the back can be added to describe the baby’s quality (new and old degree), where to buy, how long it has been used, there is no problem, no problem to write normal function without any problem;Title to apply the previous said SEO thinking, 2, how to choose the picture principle: the background should be clean, prominent subject;The picture should be clear and not blurry;Show the product from as many angles as possible;Product pictures directly to the major e-commerce platform buyer evaluation there to find, the more real the better, do not find those official website official pictures, remember that you are a second-hand platform, pictures with meitu Xiu Xiu and other drawing software edit and modify, change the size, adjust a filter, add some product keywords and so on.3, how to set the product label is equal to the product core search term;1~5 labels are enough, not too much;Labels can not be set repeatedly, only 1 for each type;4. Synchronize to fish pond synchronized to fish pond where product audiences gather can improve product exposure and increase page views;When refreshing the product each time, can replace different fish pond synchronization;③ After-sale reply make full use of the automatic reply function, at the beginning you can count the most questions asked by the user, and then write the answer to the automatic reply, remind the user to buy directly, unless those very individual problems, take the initiative to reply to the user’s message.Product problems, users want to return, you look at which platform to find the source of goods, what is their return policy, what do users ask?You relay it to the merchant, the merchant responds, you relay it to the user, simple as that.The basics are all said, so why is it that some people can’t do idle fish?You can refer to what I said in the video.1, an account can send 50 products in the early stage, after the good upgrade to Pro seller can release 500 products, the biggest difference is the number of products on the shelves, one is the data kanban, you can see in more detail on the shelves of baby data, 2, baby exposure:① All the logic is the same, you have to look at the exposure to your point?For example, if you get 400 and 0 hits, why does the platform continue to give you exposure?Obviously you have a problem with this product, either the price is not competitive, or the product is not working at all.Pay attention to self-check, learn to look at the data.② How to check yourself?See your product title and copy have banned words, the best, the best, gifts, suspected drainage words and so on, you use your friend’s search your product keywords, see can not come out, if not out of your own products, is illegal, if can, is not, is the problem of your products, and then the next step.How to improve the exposure?A: Through the Baidu index, you can see where the baby search the most people, you put the product B: when the shipping place to choose that place;C: Polish and optimize product details every day, including titles, pictures and copywriting;D: Respond to inquiries in a timely and positive manner. The faster you respond, the greater the possibility of transactions. The more transaction data you have, the higher the weight of your account.E: Think of ways to praise more, praise is very important, friends to, customers to, excellent collection I want to, see how you do.G: The more detailed the product description, the more accurate the details, the clearer the picture, the higher the quality of the video, can improve the exposure.④ About the weight of the weight is the platform for your rating of this account.The higher the quality, the greater the recommendation.A: How to improve the weight of the shop The basic weight of the Xianyu shop is consistent with the weight of your TaoBao and Alipay accounts, which is related to the account age and transaction volume.However, the weight of idle fish alone is mainly reflected in the efficiency of obtaining traffic. The higher the weight of an account, the faster the baby can be recommended.Want to improve the weight of the store, you need to improve the data: ① improve sesame credit score: Alipay sesame credit score is higher, baby ranking is more advanced, the general score is greater than or equal to 650 points is better.② Improve the number of praise: In Xianyu, you can get praise not only for selling things, but also for buying things.Therefore, we can buy other people’s products on Xianyu and ask the seller to give us good comments to improve the number of good comments.③ Increase orders: Orders can be sold or bought.The new store can first increase the number of orders by buying other people’s products.At the same time, you can also start Posting babies at a reasonable pace. At the beginning, the weight of the new account is low. The purpose of Posting babies is not to promote Zhuan Qian, but to promote transactions and increase the weight of the account.Then sell some products with free shipping within 10 yuan, and obtain a large number of sales orders.(4) Improve the rate of activity: the new store every day to open the free fish brush, have a look.You can like other people’s products, leave messages, and ask questions.Treat yourself as a loyal user of idle fish, true to the operation.Secondly, it is very important to quickly reply to the customer’s consultation, the faster the reply, the greater the probability of a deal!B: How to improve the weight of goods the weight of goods determines the search ranking of goods, thus determining the exposure!Increase the weight of goods, the need to improve the goods of these data: ① want to number ② page views ③ messages ④ super like number ⑤ order number want to number, page views, message number, super like number can enter the mutual praise fish pond, looking for mutual S basic data.Brush every day if you have nothing to do.The order number is mainly improved by slowly accumulation. In the early stage, there is always no order. You can use friends and relatives to brush 1 order.Whether you’re a seller or a buyer, make sure you use the platform.All right, thanks for coming. I hope you found something.The purpose of all operations is to tell the platform that your product has advantages. A little bit of accumulation of details will become a big gap. Idle fish is really not that difficult.Welcome everyone to leave a message exchange, learn together, common progress!