At the beginning of spring and the Olympics come true

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On February 4, the start of spring, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will begin.On this day, the start of Spring meets the Winter Olympics, and Beijing meets the Olympics again.The Olympic flame will once again light up the starry sky of Beijing, and the long river of human civilization will once again merge into the spring stream from the East.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the 24th in the history of the Winter Olympic Games, coincides with the number of the 24 solar terms in Chinese culture.Solar term rotation, round and round, the start of spring, open a New Year of reincarnation.This ancient Chinese wisdom embodies the Chinese understanding of time and represents the way Chinese people relate to nature and the world.Twenty-four solar terms countdown, in the spring, summer, autumn and winter season replacement, in the thick Chinese wind poetic painting, knocking the time of the bell and drum, opened the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, but also the winter to spring, all things recovery, thriving good meaning message world.On this day, the five-star red flag and the Five-ring flag were once again raised in the “Bird’s Nest”, and the Olympic concept of “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — more United” was once again flying in China.A drop of ice blue ink drops from the sky and becomes a pentium of “water from the Yellow River comes from the sky”. It pours down and covers the whole hall. A side of water rises from the center and condenses into a crystal clear “ice Cube”.The history of the past 23 Winter Olympics host cities, carved by 24 “laser cutters”, is reflected on the icecube and finally sealed as “Beijing 2022, China”.As the hockey players swing, the ice hockey rushed out, “Ice Cube” in the laser carving effect gradually broken, a crystal clear “ice and snow five rings” in the “Ice Cube” gradually appeared, slowly lifted off…On this day, the Olympic Anthem was sung in the attention of the people, turning a new page in the grand chapter of the “Double Olympic City”.Fourteen years ago, the torch of the Beijing Olympic Games was lit here, fulfilling the Century-old Olympic dream of the Chinese nation.Seven years ago, Beijing made an appointment with the world on ice and snow to embark on a new winter Olympics journey.On the start of spring in 2022, the world will once again focus on the “Bird’s Nest”, witnessing Beijing becoming the world’s first “Double Olympic City” and China writing a new Olympic legend.From the summer to the games, from preparing to hold, from “one world one dream”, to “into the future together”, the ancient capital of hand in photograph reflect with the games event in one thousand, the ancient and modern international metropolis in Beijing is showing the “double the city” glory, poised and confident, with open arms, to meet eight party guests, sharing Olympic glory and dream.Opening ceremony fireworks display.Photo by Xing Guangli) The “ice and snow Five Rings” during the opening ceremony.(Photo by Cao Can) The Olympic slogan “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More United” is reflected in the “Bird’s Nest” with the figure of skaters.(Photo by Li Ga) Fireworks display at the opening ceremony.(Photo by Wu Huii) Opening ceremony countdown performance.Photo by Wu Wei) The torch stand for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Yanqing.(Photo by Liu Xiao) Snowflakes gather to form a snowflake platform.(Fang Fei)