As the saying goes, “women are afraid to be born at noon and men are afraid of midnight.” Is it true that children are taboo when they are born

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Most people believe in the Taoist theory of Yin and Yang, which reveals both sides of the story and has a certain natural order.As for the theory of Yin and Yang, although there is no exact scientific proof, many of its statements have been verified in real life, so it is very reliable.But everything is not black and white, the application of Yin and Yang in life is not necessarily right, such as ancient ancestors passed down the saying: “women are afraid of noon, men are afraid of midnight.”The ancients believed that men are Yang, women are Yin, the day is Yang, the night is Yin, the day noon is the most Yang, the night is the most Yin, if the woman was born at noon, the man was born at midnight, it is Yin and Yang do not adjust, life is suffering.The ancients will first look at the birth of the eight character before marriage, if the eight character and, before the appointment to marry, if the woman or the man eight character is not good, will be disliked, two families will be difficult to become in-laws.In feudal society, arranged marriage was a common phenomenon. The children’s marriage was decided by their parents. Before the marriage, the man and the woman might not even meet each other.Parents on both sides of the family think they can tell whether they are suitable to be a couple by looking at their compatibility.So in ancient times, whether a person can live well or not has a lot to do with his character eight.Of course, the ancients believed that “women are afraid to be born at noon, men are afraid of midnight” this sentence not only reflects people’s character, but also reflects people’s character.In the feudal society with men as the day, women are gentle and know the three virtues, that will be popular, on the contrary, too outgoing, talkative, impulsive woman, generally not pleasing.If a woman was born at noon, by the heavy Yang, temper will be more like a man, do things careless, not gentle and delicate, such a woman is not good to marry, after all, in-laws do not want an inattentive daughter-in-law, husband does not want an inconsiderate wife.Similarly, a man born at midnight is not a good thing, men suffer from Yin qi overweight, lack of a bit of masculinity, temper will be soft, can not achieve great things, more people think that such a man is generally a sick appearance, looking like longevity.People with some ability would not be willing to marry such a weak man. After all, in ancient times, two families got married not only for the sake of procreation, but also for the common development of both families.A man like this, who seems to be indecisive and weak, is most likely to live a mediocre life, and can not be expected to make achievements, he can not afford to support the development of a family or even two families.If it were true that women were born at noon and men at midnight, would such children be abandoned?The ancient people were not so ruthless. Although they thought it was unfortunate to give birth to such a child, which would be a burden to the family, they would not abandon the child at will.Since it is Yin and Yang out of the problem, it is to reconcile Yin and Yang, fundamentally solve the problem is.The ancients were very good at Yin and Yang, so they had their own way of overcoming this misfortune.This way is easy to say, but it is not easy to do, they will be born at noon women foster in the women more places, because such a place Yin heavy, can neutralize the Yang women.The men born in the time of the child are fostered in the place where the Yang qi is heavier, and the Yin qi is in the middle body. After a few years, when the children are older and the Yin and Yang qi are reconciled, the parents will take the children home.This may seem simple, but it involves many problems, most notably family discord.As long as their life is stable, they will strive to have children.When a child goes out into foster care, the parents pay less attention to him or her, and by the time the child is picked up, the other siblings have long since split the parental attention, so the child can have a hard time fitting in.Similarly, a child who is foster care and does not grow up around his or her parents will not have a deep affection for them. After returning home, he or she will have estrangement with their parents and feel uncomfortable getting along with them.Therefore, “women are afraid to be born at noon, men are afraid of midnight” in the eyes of the ancients is the truth, after all, born at the wrong time, even if their own nothing, but also by the people around the toss out a pile of things.However, if this is now, it is only suitable to laugh it off. On the one hand, today’s advanced science and technology, good medical conditions, even if the child is really weak, it is very likely to be taken care of.On the other hand, nowadays, people have an open mind and pursue free love. Whether a person is worth marrying or not is decided according to how they get along with each other, rarely involving the character of eight.So, in an enlightened world, listen to it.In the final analysis, whether these sayings handed down from our ancestors are true or not has much to do with the development of an era. In the old society, they were true, but in the new era, they are nonsense.