As the saying goes, “People are afraid of the birth year, old afraid of two daokan” why?Wearing “red” is also the wisdom of our ancestors

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When it comes to birth year, people seem to be very taboo, that there will be some bad things happen.The old man thought that it was sad to have two obstacles in his old age, and that if he had passed the two obstacles, everything would be all right.So, why should the human be afraid of this year?What are the two obstacles that old people are afraid of?Let’s take a look.”People afraid of benmingnian” benmingnian is the year of the corresponding year of the earth branch.In ancient China, the method of chronology was based on the heavenly trunk and the earthly branches.The method of ganzhi ji is also the wisdom of the ancients. The ancients are derived from the meaning of the trunk and branches of trees. There is a saying in Huainan Zi that “the branches should not be larger than the trunk”.It is said that the earliest concept of observing the sun is “gan”, and “zhi” is used to mark the moon. The moon and the sun are divided into Yin and Yang, and Yin and Yang symbolize the heaven, so they are called heavenly stem and earthly branches.Although this method of timing is also very scientific, but at that time, the literate people are very few after all.In order to facilitate people’s memory and calculation, they choose twelve animals to correspond with the twelve earth branches, and use one animal as the year’s zodiac sign every year.Ten air-dried: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, essien, nonyl, decyl, combined with the twelve earthly branches, that is, twelve animal signs: (rat), ugly (cows), Yin (tiger), frame (rabbit), Chen (dragon), has (snake), lunch (horse), not (sheep), “(monkey), unitary (chicken), a (dog)), hai (pigs) to cooperate with each other,” : jia, YiChou, BingYin…And so on, going back and forth to form exactly 60 different groups of names.This is also known as the 60-year round, also known as a jia Zi year.Therefore, in case of the earth branch is what the animal phase is called what year, such as this year’s heavenly stem earth branch circulation with ren Yin year, so also called the year of the Tiger.Because there are ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches, every twelve years is a small cycle, that is to say, every twelve years will encounter the same year as the year of his birth, which is known as the year of his birth.Every sixty years is a big cycle, which is called a “jia Zi year”.People often say that the twelve zodiac signs in the way of five elements in coordination with the heavenly stem are worth years of age, which is also known as “taisui” in folk.People believe that taisui is the most powerful god in a year, in charge of the year’s good fortune, misfortune and fortune, the control of the gods.It is often said that the earth is not touched at the age of too old. This is the reason why people are afraid of the year of their birth.Therefore, when people meet their own “year of the birth”, they will wear red qiuyi or wear red socks or red belt, in order to bring good luck, break bad luck.Why do people think that “red” can bring good luck and get rid of bad things?In fact, this is inseparable from the customs of hongshang and Naxi in our traditional culture.Since ancient times, people have worshipped red, representing happiness, Yang qi and the color of the sun.The sun is often said to be the red sun, that the red color is a symbol of happiness, can be auspicious to people to avoid bad luck.Ancient ancestors, out of the worship of the sun and the God of fire, would think red is a lucky color, which is also a kind of wisdom of the ancients.In fact, “benming year” is a way to record the year, there is nothing terrible, to know that it is up to man, man will win the day.The saying “always afraid of two obstacles” means that there are two obstacles to overcome when one gets older. What people are talking about are the two obstacles in life at the age of 73 and 84.In the ancient people’s idea, seventy-three and eighty-four years old, is an unlucky “barrier”, ordinary people very difficult to pass.If you cross it, it means you can live a long, carefree life.It can be seen that the ancients were very taboo about the ages of seventy-three and eighty-four.For the ancients, these two ridges were a kind of psychological shadow, and the chief culprits of this shadow were the two great sages of ancient Times, Confucius and Mencius.It is said that Confucius, the founder of Confucianism, is called the sage of Confucius.He was born in 551 BC in The state of Lu (in today’s southern Shandong province). (His ancestors were descendants of the Shang Dynasty, which was replaced by the Zhou dynasty, which was enthroned in the State of Song and later moved to Lu.)Confucius served as the chief minister of the State of Lu. Later, he traveled around and returned to The state of Lu in his later years. He died in 479 BC at the age of 73.Another “sage” was mencius, who was born in the State of Zou (southeast of Today’s Shandong province) during the Warring States Period and also traveled around the world.He was born in 372 BC and died in 289 BC, and lived to the age of 84.Therefore, it is believed that the two ages of 73 and 84 are the crucial points of life and death, which saints cannot overcome, and ordinary people cannot easily overcome.In fact, this is the influence of people’s traditional ideas, for “seventy-three, eighty-four” these two obstacles formed a common faith.Therefore, some rural elderly people who live to 73, 84, will say 74, 85, directly jump over the past, meaning that the “hurdle”.This is also a desire for longevity and the pursuit of a better life.In fact, there is no scientific basis for such a saying. The main reason is that there is a common belief about the ages of the two sages of Confucius and Mencius. In addition, in ancient times, people’s living conditions were poor, medical equipment was not advanced, and life expectancy was relatively short.In the development of today, with the progress of science and technology, the continuous improvement of medical technology, and people’s attention to health, centenarians are everywhere.But we have to admit that people in their 70s and 80s do not have the same physical condition as before, so it is important for older people to exercise more and keep a good attitude.These two obstacles are nothing to be afraid of, after all, birth, aging, illness and death is a natural law of any creature in nature.