A woman born in the 1990s in Haikou took home 390,000 yuan as a bonus from the “Hainan 4+1” sports lottery

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Xiao Zhu (pseudonym), a post-90s girl from Haikou, hainan province, claims her “Hainan 4+1” prize money for Valentine’s Day at a sports lottery center in Hainan province, Feb 14, 2018.According to xiao Zhu, a few years ago because of a moment of inspiration she chose two groups of numbers, feel particularly auspicious, later every time passing by the sports lottery betting station, she will be used to buy a few notes “Hainan 4+1”, investment 10 yuan, 20 yuan of the amount.On February 13, she passed by longquan town of Haikou city a sports lottery betting station, and went into the purchase of two notes their lucky number, three times the cast, cost 12 yuan, did not expect the lottery that night, one of the note number actually hit the current lottery number.Xiao Zhu was lucky enough to win the first prize of “Hainan 4+1″ with a total of 390,000 yuan.After receiving the award, Xiao Zhu happily said, today is Valentine’s Day, hainan Sports color sent this gift is too special, too unexpected!”Hainan 4+1” is a unique local lottery game in Hainan, which is deeply loved by the majority of lottery buyers in our province. It shares lottery numbers with 7 star lottery (the first five lottery numbers of 7 star lottery), and draws every Tuesday, Friday and day.Happy to buy color, rational bets.Adhere to small rational bets, not only for social welfare dedication of love, but also the chance to win a surprise award.Hainan sports color in this warm remind the majority of buyers, remember to do what one can, rational bet.