20220222 “the most loving day”, these points must pay attention to!| anti cheat every day

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Typical cases of part-time brushing fraud: On February 14, Mr. He, who lives in Shunde, reported that he had installed an investment-oriented APP at the introduction of his old customers.He followed the instructions of a “customer service” in the APP, who said he could get a rebate for buying a movie ticket.When he was about to withdraw cash, the APP showed that he could not log in, so he realized he had been cheated and lost 5,000 yuan in total.Police remind: network brushing is fraud, do not easily click or scan strangers to the web links, two-dimensional code, protect personal information.Typical case of “killing pig plate” fraud: On February 14, Miss Zeng, who lives in Chan City, reported that she had met a person claiming to be “a staff member of an embassy” through a dating APP.After a period of time, guided by the other party, Miss Zeng downloaded the designated “securities trading platform” and registered an account for investment.At the beginning of the investment can be returned, when Miss Zeng ready to withdraw the last investment, the other party to pay for the deposit required its transfer of cash.Zeng followed instructions and was eventually cheated of 74,000 yuan.Be careful not to get carried away by so-called love, police have warned.Those who recommend you to invest and manage money online, speculate on digital currency and make money by gambling are crooks.February 22, 2022 falls on Tuesday, the 22nd day of the first month of the year of Ren Yinhu, which is also called “the most loving day” by netizens because “2” sounds like “love”.However, scammers may also use this opportunity to “rack their brains” to lay a trap.Marriage and love website fraud one, the cheater with the help of marriage and love website registration false information, attract the victim’s eye, to be the victim of its trust, with a variety of reasons to defraud money;Two, the swindler with the help of marriage websites to obtain other people’s registration information, after impersonating fraudulently money;3. Swindlers set up fake marriage websites by themselves, fabricate false information and defraud money by paying membership fees and service fees.The swindlers, anticipating the victims’ expectations for sexual affairs, use social tools such as wechat and QQ to “find people nearby”, add friends, and then cheat them out of money by borrowing money or investing in gambling bags.Online gift scams When the victims buy their favorite gifts online, the sfraudsters will contact the victims through phone or text messages, claiming to be “platform customer service” or “logistics customer service”, and ask for a refund on the grounds that the order is abnormal.Then let the victim operate in the false website with Trojan program, obtain the information such as bank card password, verification code, ID card, and finally transfer the money in the card.Advertising mail fraud during the holiday season, cheats to send the victim with a Trojan virus spam “valentine’s day”, the victim once click on the links in the mail, personal account information may be a liar steal.Police are warning people not to get carried away by love and to stay alert to “traps” set up in the name of love. If they are swindled, call 110 for help.Material source | foshan anti-fraud center, anti-fraud centre in chaoyang