Three problems in applying for the EMBA program of Peking University

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According to statistics, most of the students who participated in the POST-EMBA Business Leadership program of Peking University are senior executives from finance, financial institutions and enterprises and government officials, who have considerable authority and influence in the industry.This also attracts more people to come to the examination.This article will give you three questions about applying for Peking University EMBA Business Leadership program.What are the requirements for applying for the EMBA business Leadership Program?1, law-abiding, moral integrity, innovation and dedication;2. Bachelor degree or above (national education series, bachelor degree is generally required);Junior college graduates also have the opportunity to enroll;3, 8 years or more working experience (including 4 years or more management experience);4, all kinds of enterprises and institutions and government departments of senior management, and can guarantee the study time.Ii. What materials do YOU need to prepare for the post-EMBA Business Leadership Program?1. Those who want to study in the advanced Seminar for Entrepreneurs of Peking University can first obtain the “Peking University Innovation Management Practice Class Forecast Form”, fill it out and mail it to the Office of the Advanced Seminar for Entrepreneurs of Peking University.In the official registration, the applicant should provide the registration materials including: id card photocopy, degree and diploma photocopy, personal resume, one official application form, two qualified recommendation letters, 1 inch blue photo 5 (signed with pencil on the back).Iii. How to apply for the EMBA Program of Peking University?All information provided by applicants should be kept strictly confidential during the application process, such as pre-registration – official registration – interview – comprehensive evaluation. Applicants should be informed that the information obtained from dongcai application form will be used for the evaluation of the application, and if admitted, they will become a part of the enrollment file.The official account of Peking University post-EMBA Business Leadership Program is “College Learning Club”.The main courses we offer at present are: On-the-job masters.Dr.Postdoctoral program.Peking University/Tsinghua University/Shanghai Jiaotong University/Renmin University of China/Shanghai Fudan University/Zhejiang University (PRESIDENT EMBA training, financial private placement, real estate, PPP, construction, supply chain, characteristic town, Psychology, rich second generation, big Health, block chain, CFO/CMO/CHO, Chinese Studies women’s Internet, etc.)EMBA/MBA/DBA degree classes of Domestic and international universities:The SINO-AMERICAN UTA is jointly organized by THE EMBA program of Lyon university of Science and Technology Beijing and Arlington Business School of TexasEMBA, Chinese and Foreign Finance master of Renmin University of China, Social Science Master of Tulane Finance Master of Energy, MBA/DBA of European University of EU Switzerland, MBA/DBA of UMT University of America, Master of ISG Business School of France, Sophia University of America, Normandy School of Management of France, European Business School of Holland, Open University of Hong Kong, Asian City University, etc.Covering the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Australia, Switzerland, the Philippines and other countries.Postdoctoral fellow: Postdoctoral fellow, Hamerton Business School, Cambridge University, UK; postdoctoral fellow, Harvard University, UK.Postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University.Postdoctoral fellow/visiting scholar of California State University, creating high-end learning and resource integration platform for middle and senior management of enterprises.