The Xiao Jianhai of junior high school record of formal schooling, cheat rich person only in Shenzhen, be arrested after all

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Xiao Jianhai, who was born in 1985 in Shantou, Guangdong Province, is also plain looking in photos.In addition, his growth experience is also dull. Due to poor family conditions, he gave up his studies after finishing junior high school and went to Shenzhen to struggle alone.Due to his low level of education, the fast pace of Shenzhen also pushed him to survive. In order to make a living, he worked as an agent in a real estate company with a low employment threshold.Ok XiaoJianHai brain is more flexible, and work for a long period of time, also let he soon found out the act as a set of processes, mediation has found a loophole: if someone wants to buy a secondhand room, also happens in the mortgage and housing condition, then the secondary solution YaKuan usually have to be borne by the buyer, the money will be used for deduction of house prices.This creates a crisis: if the buyer pays the collateral and the seller suddenly chooses not to sell, there will be a dispute.Therefore, real estate agencies also quickly noticed these problems, in order to allow buyers to avoid this risk, they launched the second-hand house over the bridge loan business, the seller bears the loan, and the buyer pays the interest.After Xiao Jianhai studies understand, they began to move a crooked brain, if they set up a financial company, to buy and sell second-hand housing to provide loan business, with high interest rates to lend money, so that they can not reap the benefits of the fisherman.After having the idea, Xiao Jianhai soon put it into practice, and set up Xuanhong Real estate.At the beginning, Xiao also targeted his old customers, who borrowed money at one-cent interest per month and then lent it to the seller at a higher interest rate. They thought he was the only one who could get “bridge funds”, so he quickly made a profit.He then packaged the company into several highly profitable wealth management products.But a long day, Xiao Jianhai also encountered trouble, in the “high-interest loan” this part is particularly difficult, a simple “bridge business” also let him encounter no small trouble.When the first batch of raised funds gradually expired, Xiao jianhai’s head became bigger and he had to find some new wealth management products to “borrow new ones for old ones”.It’s a classic Ponzi scheme, but unlike many other fund-raising frauds on the market, Xiao jianhai’s first step was very, very bold: he wanted to cut off the rich.To attract more investors, he overhauled his firm, offering them an annualised rate of 10%, which is higher than a bank’s wealth management rate.However, in order to convince others of the authenticity of his products and reassure investors, his wealth management products are not as profitable as other private wealth management products.In order to gain trust, he also paid more attention to packaging himself. With a junior high school diploma, he became a graduate of Tsinghua University.In addition, Xiao Jianhai raised the initial funds to carry out decoration, hanging on the wall with many leaders and entrepreneurs, and even invited the financial industry to come to the platform.Through a variety of activities, Xiao jianhai has been branded as a “successful person”, and he has molded his group into a large enterprise with great potential.As the reputation grew, more and more people came to invest, and the “bridge business” couldn’t just give all the money away.In this case, Xiao Jianhai had to turn to stocks, commodities and other markets.They soon put their idea of “harvesting the rich” into practice, which could not be separated from the financial management team xiao Jianhai created.The number of this team is amazing. Their daily work is to look for high-net-worth successful people in every corner of Shenzhen. As long as they can attract their investment, Xiao Jianhai will give them a high commission and pay them directly in cash.When a pile of cash is presented to a young man, few employees can resist the temptation.In order to the so-called “performance”, employees also began to work harder, their efforts, and eventually a number of multimillionaires.These people are interested in the “rate of return”, but Xiao Jianhai is interested in his principal.Among these fraud, even there are some billionaires, they are also through the ups and downs of the business, but they are still cheated by such a junior high school education, the reason is very simple, nothing more than two words: greed.A Ponzi scheme will fail at some point, depending on whether it is late or early.In 2019, Xuanhong exploded in thunder, and many investors began to find that their investment products could not be paid, so they went to Xiao Jianhai to negotiate.But xiao Jianhai at this time can already predict the outcome, he put on a “dead pig not afraid of boiling water hot” appearance, because he also had no way to make up for.As a manipulator, Xiao Jianhai knows the company sooner or later, early with money to buy a house overseas and land, but also his wife and children all emigrate to foreign countries.According to the Gleason’s estimates, Mr Xiao has raised nearly $6 billion in principal from investors, plus nearly $500 million in interest. More than $500 million remain unaccounted for.This also caused more than 400 investors lost their money, investors also believe that the money should be taken by Xiao Jianhai as personal assets.Subsequently, the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Procuratorate issued a notice.Xiao Jianhai, suspected of fund-raising fraud, and Ye Honghui, suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits, were transferred and prosecuted by the Futian Branch of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau in 2020, the notice said.Among them, Xuanhong Group even under the Xuanhong Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Fuxinxin Investment Management Co., LTD., in these companies, the suspect Xiao Jianhai is the actual controller.Until the case, there are still some fund products can not be paid, causing significant losses for investors.The notice also mentioned that in this case, the number of victims is very large, according to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law, there are still some victims have not been served, so this notice also has a purpose, is to hope more victims to contact the prosecution.Financial fraud is extremely dangerous there was an old couple, not in Shenzhen, is also relatively successful people.The old couple said, “If such things had not happened, we could return to our hometown in Jiangsu with at least 10 million cash, buy the most stable financial products, and live a stable retirement life. We can also travel around the world.”However, the old couple or stepped on thunder, all the hard-earned money of life into nothing, they are not willing to face such a reality, the old man even put forward to divorce, let the old lady go to Shenzhen to find Xiao Jianhai for money.But, this one year ago still has 15 million yuan cash rich old woman, now even go to Shenzhen to buy the cheapest early flight, in Shenzhen accommodation appeared bigger problem.Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the old lady’s pension is only 3,000 yuan, her life is becoming more and more difficult, just a year, a multimillionaire so completely collapsed.The daughter of the old lady has been studying abroad for several years, and her life is also relatively difficult. Finally, she got the work visa. The old couple originally promised to sell their house and buy a house for her daughter in a foreign country.However, when the daughter came back with joy, but found this situation, the old lady had no way, had to tell her daughter, daughter tearfully walked away.Many of Xiao jianhai’s victims are retirees.Among them, an old man from Jiangsu came to Shenzhen with his wife more than 30 years ago. They caught up with the good times and also reached the age of retirement.They sold all their houses in Shenzhen and Huizhou for more than 10 million yuan and are planning to return to Nanjing for a secure retirement.My previous employer had a familiar financial management experience. I changed my job from a bank to a private equity fund, and I always promoted financial products for the old couple. Since the interest rate was higher than that of the bank, there was never any problem.This time, the financial adviser recommended the old couple to xuanhong fund private placement products, with the trust of the past, the old couple will soon hand all their savings to buy short-term private placement products.The idea was simple: it was the end of the year anyway, and the family didn’t have much money.This short-term product only has a period of three months and will expire after the Spring Festival. However, Xuanhong refuses to redeem it for various reasons and instead allows them to buy new financial products for rolling investment.The old couple felt something was wrong, but also found a lot of people who came to protect their rights.It was not until May that year that the old couple gathered together the “difficult friends” through the mode of building a group, which found that the number was as high as 400 people, including a veteran.The veteran once worked as an engineer, followed the troops over the mountains, and also served as a platoon leader. When they transferred their jobs, they just caught up with the development of Shenzhen. He and his wife saved millions of savings over the decades, and now all of them are deposited in Xuanhong.Now that they are older and have lost their ability to earn money, the platoon leader told the reporter, “When I feel bad, I really want to hit my head against the wall.”Some investors say Mr Xiao really has no humanity.On one occasion, a deceived fellow villagers blocked Xiao jianhai’s door, saying there was a serious illness in the ICU at home.But Xiao jianhai said, “If no one in your family is sick, what’s the matter in the ICU?I’m good at deceiving you. Jump off a building.”In the year after the explosion, after police investigation, it was found that funds related to Xiao Jianhai had changed hands 10 times.A whole year of time, the police are searching hard for evidence, and Xiao Jianhai is also doing asset isolation and transfer, so go on, those investors can only be tearless.After inquiries from the Fund Management Association of China, Xuanhong has issued 26 private-equity products, of which 23 have been raised in limited partnerships.Shenzhen Xuan Hong through private equity fund registration, but I have long been listed as “abnormal institutions”, but this before and did not affect Xiao Jianhai, he or pretenses, peddling private equity funds.When promoting their products, financial managers tell victims, The money raised will be used to increase physical assets such as apartments, college houses and talent apartments.But in Xuan Hong after the accident, according to the investigation, these so-called real objects are all fake, do not exist.Xuanhong’s advisers tried to stall victims by sending them small videos showing hundreds of millions of yuan in deposits, which later turned out to be fake.Shenzhen City bureau of securities supervision, financial office and public security and other departments are all involved in the investigation, but there is no substantial progress in a long period of time, Xuan Hong is also creating problems for investors, debt collection and rights protection problems also fell into a dead end.On June 4, 2020, the Futian Branch said that the case was in the process of further investigation, and investors could also register and report the case online through the wechat public account.Xiao jianhai was also arrested that year, but much of the money could not be recovered.He did from real estate agents to claim “ten billion scale”, but also invited the “father of the world financial futures” to participate in the group’s top-level design.This young man born in 1985, will eventually play a lot of people around, the risk of financial fraud can also be clear through this matter, as long as thoroughly believe him, at least are ruined.After xuanhong’s mine explosion, some investors formed investment committees and held multiple rounds of negotiations with Mr. Xiao and others, who had made three asset disposal agreements that were rejected.Police also seized 10 real estate properties linked to Shenzhen’s Xuanhong district, with a market value of 202 million yuan.However, there are hundreds of victims of the savings, I am afraid that has been unable to recover, Xiao Jianhai was the legal sanctions, but those who lost their money investors, perhaps only depressed life.In 2021, the year of the epidemic, many people who were cheated failed to recover their savings. They felt particularly sad in this year, but they still did not give up their rights and interests.There are still active people in their rights protection groups, and some of them regularly share their road of rights protection, but this road is bound to be long.This Ponzi scheme, it’s not gonna work.In 2019, because of the capital chain fracture, Xuanhong’s thunder finally burst, many investors found their financial products could not be paid, they began to negotiate with Xiao Jianhai, but Xiao Jianhai “dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water”, frankly said, “cheat you is my ability, you buy yourself consider yourself stupid.”This sanctimonious hypocrite brought out the worst in human nature.Xiao Jianhai knew from the very beginning that his company would have an accident sooner or later, so he bought a house overseas and emigrate his wife and children.Mr Xiao channelled billions of dollars out of the country through underground banks, buying three luxury apartments on Xi Sha Street in Hong Kong’s New Territories.According to statistics, Xuanhong finance issued a total of 39 products, a total of 57.22 billion.A total of 4.133 billion yuan of principal has been paid to investors, 455 million yuan of interest has been distributed to investors, 597 million yuan of losses have been transferred through trust, and 536 million yuan remains unaccounted for.Investors believe that this part of the fund is most likely to be transferred overseas by Xiao Jianhai, became personal assets.Xiao jianhai’s wife and children have acquired overseas citizenship, and most of his money has been transferred overseas.After Xuanhong was wiped out, all its wealth management products failed to mature and more than 400 investors lost their money.From the establishment of xuanhong Fund in 2013, to 2020 was arrested, Xiao Jianhai just seven years, defrauded billions of cash, a number of shenzhen tens of millions, billionaire.