The Chinese women’s soccer team drew 2-2 with Japan. How can the men’s soccer team feel?

2022-04-29 0 By

Wonderful instant goal instant Chinese women’s football worthy of sonorous mei kui’s honor!Worthy of the Golden signboard of the Chinese national team!Live up to the fans all over the country!It’s not about winning or losing, but their attitude towards the game is positive!In today’s game, after being down by one goal, in the extra time, we never gave up, fought hard and finally equalized the score.The strength of The Japanese women’s football team is also not to be underestimated. This match was tied. I think the Sisters of the Chinese women’s football team did their best and there is no regret.It was a great game too!On the contrary, men’s football, a soil rich man’s virtue!No sportsmanship!Have no shame!Losing a game that should not have been lost at a time that should not have been lost has brought lingering gloom to Chinese fans and even Chinese people on such a grand festival as the Spring Festival.Laughable is the Chinese men’s football style pageantry also become the laughingstock of The Vietnamese, it is a great shame!Shame was lost abroad.Personally, I think the Chinese men’s football team should be disbanded or renamed.They don’t deserve to represent China!If you agree, please help to like!