Tan Xuguang: Technology entrepreneur with no distractions

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Qilu network · Lightning news February 8 – On February 7, the first day of work after the Spring Festival, shandong Province 2022 work mobilization conference was held.Tan Xuguang, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, was awarded the title of “Outstanding Entrepreneur in Shandong Province” in the commendation decision.From taking over a company on the verge of bankruptcy to now taking the command of a multinational group with 150,000 employees worldwide, Tan Xuguang has always adhered to the concept of innovative development and created the “evergreen gene” of the company with scientific and technological innovation. He led the team to develop the powertrain technology of heavy commercial vehicles and won the first prize of national Science and Technology Progress.Lead the research and development team to release the world’s first diesel engine whose thermal efficiency exceeds 51.09%, break through the “ceiling” of the traditional power thermal efficiency industry with leading technology, and overcome the technical problems recognized by the world……Over the years, Tan has kept pushing Weichai to innovate in the spirit of “driving nails”, breaking through a series of “bottleneck” technologies and pushing its product technologies to the top of the world.”First-class technology, core technology can only rely on our own, otherwise, can not be bought.Sustainable and high-quality development can only be achieved by mastering core technologies that are autonomous and controllable.”Tan Xuguang is not only an outstanding corporate manager, but also a technology entrepreneur. “If you are not a technology entrepreneur, you cannot lead your company to achieve global leadership in the fierce competition in the industry.”What great strength will scientific and technological innovation unleash?Let’s use a set of development data of Shandong Heavy Industry Group to speak: in 2020, the operating revenue of Shandong Heavy Industry Group is 503.4 billion yuan, and the total profit is 21.62 billion yuan.Engine production and sales exceeded 1.3 million units, and heavy commercial vehicles exceeded 500,000 units, with year-on-year growth of more than 40%, ranking first in the world.’The pursuit of the commanding heights of science and technology should have the spirit of a’ madman, ‘Mr. Tan said.Break the mindset, break the path dependence, break the rules and regulations, do what others dare not do, go where others have not gone;More willing to spend money, to invest, regardless of the cost, research and development investment will be rewarded.In the past ten years, the r&d expense of Weichai Engine accounted for more than 5% of the annual sales revenue, of which 20% is basic research and frontier research, which are extremely prominent among Chinese enterprises.Weichai has even set up a future Technology Research Institute dedicated to “spending money” to do original research from zero to one.”As long as we can spend as we like within our big boundaries and directions, the process of spending will certainly produce what WE need.”Tan xuguang said.In nearly 45 years of research and industrialization of key technologies of heavy duty high-speed diesel engine and powertrain, Tan Xuguang led his staff to create the world’s first independent heavy commercial vehicle powertrain R&D and manufacturing base, and conquered the key core technology of heavy commercial vehicle powertrain.Presided over the development of the first heavy-duty high-speed diesel engine with independent property rights in China, and conquered the core technologies of electric control and reliability;The company has broken through the core technical problems of power systems in various fields, and made up the key technical shortcomings of high-end hydraulics, large-scale agricultural CVT, high-end ships and other industries.Focus on new energy and firmly grasp the core technology in the field of hydrogen fuel cell…Scientific and technological innovation is the underpinning force for economic growth.In this new era of scientific and technological revolution, in the new Shandong province, which is striving to seize the opportunity of innovation, more scientific and technological entrepreneurs like Tan Xuguang are needed to lead enterprises to forge ahead in innovation, scale new heights, and build enterprises into stronger innovation subjects.