Serie A: Lazio VS napoli, milan duo give opportunity, napoli may not be able to seize

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Beijing time on February 28 at 3:45, the 27th round of Serie A league ushered in a key game: Lazio host napoli!In the first round of the end of the two games, inter milan and AC Milan were drawn, which gave Napoli a good chance to chase points!Can Burroughs seize the opportunity?The game is worth watching!From the serie A league’s current points situation, Naples and Milan double three teams of points gap is very close, this season’s championship basically formed a three-team hegemony situation!In such a situation, all three teams would be keen to grab points to win the championship.However, in recent matches, all three teams have been pulling their hips at the same time (Inter lost in 4 rounds, AC Milan drew 2 in a row, Napoli drew 2 in a row), as if none of them wanted the title!This round of league, Milan and the two are tied, which gave napoli a chance to play later!Napoli have lost four games in all competitions and lost 4-2 at home to Barcelona in the Europa League play-off in midweek, leaving the club out of the last 16.Of course, napoli’s failure to qualify for the last 16 of the Europa League could be a blessing in disguise for the bianconeri as they can now focus on the title race.This war, Naples will face is lazio team, which is also a relatively strong strength of the team: Lazio in front of 26 rounds of league won 12 wins 7 draws 7 losses of the record ranking the sixth, the overall strength in The Serie A is also ranked more advanced team, this game is a strong showdown!Lazio were also knocked out of the Europa League play-off in midweek and will now focus on serie a, which is not good news for Napoli, who will have an easy win away from home.From the front of the two teams in serie a, the game will be a battle of spear and shield: the offensive firepower of lazio in serie a after inter milan, front wheel 26 scored 53 goals in the league, and have for moby lai score the most goals this season to serie a, offensive firepower is very strong;Napoli is currently the best defensive team in Serie A, the first 26 rounds of the league only conceded 18 goals, is the least number of goals in Serie A team!Lazio’s spear is sharper, or Napoli’s shield thicker!In the last 6 games between the two teams, Napoli has won 4-2, and the first leg of the season, Naples beat Lazio 4-0 at home, which is a great psychological advantage for Naples!But this game, Naples is a relatively big hidden danger, the current team by a lot of injuries (at least 5 players can not play because of injury), which will affect the team’s platoon arrangement, team strength is therefore affected!Napoli need to fight for the title, lazio also need to fight for a place in the Champions League, both teams will be in the league, the game will be very exciting!This game, Lazio have home advantage, and Naples injury plagued, coupled with a recent slump in form, this game napoli want to win the game may not be easy!Bundesliga: Eintracht Frankfurt VS Bayern Munich, Bayern must not lose 3 games in a row!English Premier League: Leeds v Tottenham, will Tottenham continue to send warmth after Leeds have suffered a heavy defeat?