Prepaid account turnover days

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Prepaid accounts turnover days prepaid accounts turnover days means that the enterprise to sell goods to recover the number of days between the experience;2, the shorter the turnover days of prepaid accounts, the faster the rate of collection, the enterprise will have sufficient funds for investment and construction, conducive to the development of enterprises;3. The long turnover days of prepaid accounts are not conducive to the capital turnover of enterprises, and may also delay the repayment of loans by enterprises.Prepaid accounts turnover days is an important factor and index of the normal operation of enterprises, which is related to the normal operation and development of enterprises.The importance of prepaid accounts turnover days to enterprises prepaid accounts is equivalent to a part of the cost of enterprise investment, including a variety of funds, for example, payment for goods, deposit and so on.When a customer places an order, the business needs to prepare and ship the goods first, but it takes some time for the bill for the whole transaction to arrive.For example, if the time is late, it may affect the normal operation of the enterprise. For example, the enterprise has a loan to be repaid, and the prepaid accounts can be repaid after the arrival of the loan, but the turnover days of the prepaid accounts are long, and the enterprise loan can not be repaid, and the enterprise will be difficult to continue.Prepaid accounts are working capital that can also be repaid by other means, such as mortgaging assets, providing labor compensation, etc.The basic survival of an enterprise is working capital, so the shorter the turnover days of prepaid accounts, the better.