New Year’s Day trouble!China’s shoddy defense, the opening 17 minutes 2-0 down Vietnam

2022-04-29 0 By

Beijing time on February 1, 12 strong matches the eighth round, the Chinese team at Vietnam team, the game is the key for both teams, who can’t afford to lose, and both sides treat each other as points of cooking chicken, the first half, the Chinese team defense like paper, 20 points can’t find the lost two goals, this wave of operation, shocked fans across the country.On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese team away to challenge the Vietnamese team, media fans have only one goal: do not add to everyone’s jam!It is in this context, The Chinese team against the Japanese team, Li Xiaopeng directly sent 433 team, a do not attack do not give up posture, is bound to compete with the Vietnamese team.However, the game was only 20 minutes in the first half, The National football team directly fell a 0-2 score, Vietnam team two shots to break the Chinese defense, the national football team paper line of defense completely can not carry the Vietnamese attack, Xu Xin, Wu Xi in the defensive end of the mistake, Yan Junling is becoming shot dead, the opponent two shots on the goal!The match started much like the first leg, with China leading 2-0 and Vietnam chasing two goals before Wu Lei scored the winner.Do not know this game, The Chinese team next can equalize the score?This is the focus of attention.If the Chinese team finally lost the game, then for the national football coach Li Xiaopeng, he wants to continue to lead the national football team, I am afraid it is very difficult!He had the courage to take over the hot potato, but did not have the ability to lead the team forward, Li Xiaopeng only know to apologize, what is the use of that?At present, he is much worse than Li Tie!