Monday focus on five good fermentation!

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1. Driven by the russia-Ukraine tension, crude oil closed at a seven-year high.Old Huang interpretation:On the one hand, international tensions to A clear bearish, plus A drop in U.S. stocks on Friday, stock index opened lower today is basically nailing on board, but the old huang has to emphasize on Friday, has always been A double-dip world, stock index this week big probability will be out of A deep V reverse form double bottom, and the rise in the market this week is pulled weight, has very obvious aggressive,Small fall continues to rebound the possibility is very big!On the other hand, the increase of crude oil prices will be good for the oil plate, which plays a protective role in the stock index!And also good in the trend of oil, at the bottom of the market, oil often play the role of “piggy bank”, constantly attract funds into the market, and then in the middle of the rise began to release, thus leading the market to a new high, so the following rebound market will be bigger, is expected to reproduce last August calf!Vanke chairman said that the real estate industry has entered the “black iron era”!Huang: Vanke as a real estate magnate, his every move will have an impact on the whole real estate plate, real estate plate is expected to appear a big market!On the one hand, the economic conference put forward the word “stability” in 2022 as the top priority, the whole real estate industry will have a very obvious boost!On the other hand, the Federal Reserve announced that there will be at least four interest rate hikes this year, then the central mother will certainly take interest rate cuts to enhance liquidity, interest rate cuts on the real estate industry is the first to bear the brunt of good!From the technical point of view, in fact, the rise of the real estate plate is also a “harbinger”, as early as On December 20 or so, the plate many stocks appeared abnormal, and then the next day the whole plate rose.More bizarre is, last Friday real estate trading shares are mostly in December 20, the first to start the stock, so Huang thinks that this is a real estate plate is about to rebound the assault horn!3. Fda approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 oral medicine on an emergency basis.This means that China finally has its first oral drug for COVID-19.This news is good Pfizer concept stocks, but here Lao Huang would like to remind everyone that the epidemic concept stocks down trend has been formed, now do not suggest to intervene, beware of the concept stocks by positive shipment!4, sharp price rise, aluminum supply tension situation is difficult to alleviate in the short term, downstream demand may blossom in full bloom!Old Huang interpretation: after the Spring Festival, internal and external plate aluminum prices continue to pull up, Lun Aluminum breakthrough new high, Shanghai aluminum also strong performance.A number of international institutions are piling into the aluminium market.The supply end of electrolytic aluminum is affected!European gas prices rose sharply, making the European part of the electrolytic aluminium enterprise production, the second new outbreaks, appear in the recent guangxi baise and baise is one of the important origin of China’s aluminium, aluminium inventories are at record lows at home and abroad, the electrolytic aluminum futures rising after this week, for some aluminum enterprises is a typical good!5, high-level issued “on printing and distributing the” 14th Five-year plan “to promote agricultural and rural modernization planning notice”!Old Huang interpretation: after the Spring Festival, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery plate positive, the plate is expected to continue to rise, although there was a small negative line on Friday, but the trend also formed pregnant Yang, Monday is expected to stop falling and stabilize!And the plate has appeared on the water fork, trend probability will hit a new high!Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery plate has been rising since August, the bottom has been rising, obviously in the rising channel, and every MACD gold fork will bring a new wave of rising, I believe this is not a surprise, but it is worth noting that the plate has risen from the bottom of more than 30%, is now in the middle of the rise!How is the market going today?Index on Friday a today, but was not much, short-term risk has not been released in full, together with negative over the weekend, so today opened lower down the possibility is very large, but also need not worry too much, big probability this week ended higher after initially falling as replication in August to move a double-dip, once the double bottom formation, restless spring will then start, it should be a future!