High-tech zone: accelerate the construction of “four high-tech zones” in an all-round way

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On the morning of March 15th, the 14th Party Congress of Xi ‘an city was successfully concluded.This conference has drawn a grand blueprint for xi ‘an’s development in the next five years.On the afternoon of that day, Xi ‘an High-tech Zone held a joint meeting of the party and the government, in-depth convey the learning and implementation of xi ‘an 14th Party Congress spirit, for the “four high-tech” construction draw unremitting struggle of spiritual strength.At present, xi ‘an high-tech zone are all the hard work, brave yi, to xi ‘an 14th party congress spirit as the guide, efforts to promote the construction of key projects, faster overall strength high, kechuang high happiness, high quality, high construction of “four high” with work and fighting to write a new chapter, high quality developmentWith outstanding achievements to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th victory.On March 16th, in the drizzle, the construction of xi ‘an International Cultural Communication Center was still in progress.Xi ‘an International Cultural Communication Center project is one of the “Four High-tech” key projects of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone in 2022. It consists of two single buildings, the north building is 70.15 meters high and the south building is 47.65 meters high.At present, the project has completed earthwork excavation, foundation pit support, pile foundation engineering, the main construction is accelerating.”The city’s fourteenth Party Congress report requirements, the full implementation of high-quality project construction to promote annual action.We pay close attention to the construction period of the project, with the energy of time, high standards, strict requirements, improve the safety and quality management of the project, to high-quality project construction for high-quality development.””Said Pan Wei, project manager of xi ‘an International Cultural Communication Center.Across the road from the South Campus of Xidian University, a modern, garden-like building is particularly eye-catching, which is the Qin Chuangyuan Xi ‘an Science and Technology Innovation Fund Park (Xi ‘an Qianhai Park of Silk Road) jointly built by Xi ‘an and Shenzhen.Xi ‘an Science and Technology Innovation Fund Park of Qin Innovation Yuan (Xi ‘an Qianhai Park of Silk Road) is the first sample of “Qianhai Mode” replicated in the mainland, aiming to promote the deep integration, complementary advantages and mutual amplification of Qianhai Finance and Xi ‘an high-tech hard technology.The project will be completed in June 2021, and 53 financial institutions including Xi ‘an Branch of Qianhai Financial Holding have signed contracts, among which 24 have completed enterprise registration and 11 have officially settled in. The investment promotion work is still in progress.”Just closed the 14th Party Congress for our investment work to provide important guidance, in the future we will be in accordance with the requirements of the 14th Party Congress, the implementation of precision investment, industrial chain investment, the introduction of a number of gold content, green content, high new content of good enterprises.”Sheng Hairong, head of the investment and operation Department of Xi ‘an High-tech Unicorn Base Development Co., LTD., told reporters that in the future, there will be no less than 130 private equity investment institutions gathered here, and the fund management scale will be no less than 60 billion yuan, which will let the light of finance illuminate the road of innovation and development of more enterprises and enable the high-quality development of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone.Xi ‘an 14th Party Congress clearly proposed to vigorously advocate green lifestyle, accelerate the formation of simple and moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle.On the north side of the Central Innovation Zone, the nearly completed sponge city and integrated ecological management project is a landmark project of this concept.Sponge City and Ecological Comprehensive Governance Project (provided by The High-tech Development Zone of China Central Radio Network) Sponge city and ecological comprehensive governance project is about 2.5 kilometers in length, with a total area of about 228 mu.Project will give full play to the sponge city project technical superiority, through the “permeability, hysteresis, storage, net, with,” and so on the many kinds of technology methods to achieve urban benign hydrologic cycle, “green breathing” of the city, built after will provide silk road science city area with a perfect citizen leisure sightseeing area, in promoting regional overall image at the same time, create a beautiful ecological environment.Shi Weichao, project manager of sponge City and ecological comprehensive management Project, said:”Sponge city and ecological comprehensive treatment engineering of xi ‘an high-tech zone is” four high “key construction projects, the” May Day “will be opened this year, at that time, this will be xi ‘an formation contracted moderately important leading fashion, green low carbon life, at the same time drive the xi ‘an high-tech zone will implement 14 times party spirit, let the people enjoy the” four high “construction achievements.”Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com