Guo Shengbai: hands and feet heart heat, weak legs, sleep quality is not good, how to look at these problems?

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Guo Lao: Huh?Guo Lao: no matter when you.Guo Lao: everybody you listen to you understand understand not……Guo old: she look for you to treat to her what ah?Guo Lao: treat this group of symptoms?Guo Lao: how do you look at this group of symptoms?Guo Lao: everybody can listen to understand?Who can understand?Guo Lao: you this square son cure what ah?This thing you’re talking about, it’s fragmented, it has no center.Guo Lao: you according to what huoxue remove stasis ah?Guo old: where ache be to have bruise?Guo old: you identify this congestion, be where to ache be to have congestion?Guo Lao: say now.Guo Lao: HMM.Guo Lao: can’t find it?Guo old: I look be in a mess, you open this square son also be in a mess.Guo Lao: what disease do you think this is?What you said.Guo Lao: hypertension?He didn’t say high blood pressure, although it has a marker.Guo Lao: is it hypertension?Guo Lao: No.Guo Lao: Huh?Guo Lao: she oneself say not clear.Guo Lao: you want to meet this disease how?Guo Lao: Huh?Guo Lao: measure blood pressure not tall wear?Guo Lao: don’t look, the more you see, the more confused.Guo Lao: more see more confused.Guo Lao: if you look at it like this, the more you look at it, the more confused you get.Guo Lao: complex problem see simple, you can cure, such a problem, more see more complex, you more and more can’t cure.So this dictation is not good, you also look at that person, you see that person is your intuition information, he directly received information, and then to you, twice distortion, twice distortion, what do you see the disease?No this any a cure I say to you, you say I know what you think in the mind, you are right medicine, always think is right medicine, you say I don’t think, that you don’t consciously want to, in fact, you still want to the right medicine.Because you’re talking about unrelated symptoms, and you have to treat people, and how do you treat them?I this congestion, that benefit urinate, you still suit medicine to the disease, you want to suit medicine to the disease, how to do in the system?What do you have in mind?You look at it from a system point of view, okay?Guo old: rightness, the method that this say first, you say theory again, this calculate what disease?Now, today’s society, appear this kind of symptom, so take some medicine, so so do some health care products, so a health care method, messy ah individual lane, anyway in this person.You promote blood circulation and remove stasis. On what basis do you promote blood circulation and remove stasis?Are there any bruises?What kind of blood is there?Have you produced a single piece of evidence?You pee. Is it bad for you to pee?Completely you are the right medicine, in fact, is shooting at nothing.Why can treat a disease now less and less ah?For this reason, diseases become more and more complex, and there is no system theory, no system approach.You can’t cure, I can’t cure, no one can, live in peace, over, more and more patients.Now it is over 95 percent. If someone dares to be responsible for the people and wants to do something good, the spearhead has been pointed out and a group of people have started to attack. So what can we do about this?What can we do about such a big and complex social problem?You see there is a simple solution, talk about a lack of a cure, a cure out, nothing is wrong, do you understand?There is a method, but there is no theory.A theory comes out, there is no method, we have to wait;If the method comes out, there is no theory, it is ridiculous, this theory is on the tip of my tongue, once you say it, this is life, you say…Guo Lao: this is over!Just eat it.You know why you’re making such a mess of it?Why?The reason is that you’ve been trained in medicine, and you’ve been holding on to that stuff, and your nerves are so stuffed with it that systems theory can’t get in.I say we change our ways, from today on, put aside the miscellaneous miscellaneous 8, only study system, study system, you see if I said.You can cure diseases like this without asking anyone.At this point, who has anything to say?Do you think I’m right?Your little book can’t see what I’m saying to you. The guy who wrote that book doesn’t know anything about febrile disease. It’s obviously wrong.He dares to recite, past mistakes, what mistakes?He was trying to figure out what had gone wrong.For example, what are the six Classics?He said that the six classics were the six classics of the fever theory. He was wrong, but he had figured it out. The six classics of the typhoid fever theory was not the six classics of the fever theory, but the meridians.Later came out again, six classics is the six classics of air transport, again wrong, arrived today, say what ah?He said that treatise on febrile diseases is a jottbook. Look at his hand. What is treatise on febrile diseases?It is to write a, gather together in a set up, became this, these a few this you choose which are wrong!Which one of these is better? Who should I ask?I said, let’s ask this last one, this last one is the one that has studied and written down this whole series of these things, the truth-seeking version, the last one.Seeking truth this above still can see this have, have, luyuan lei’s “today debate”, because seeking truth this has been close to instinct, instinct theory is to come out from seeking truth this.So you come here to study system medicine, a system medicine, not you to study other things, you first put down everything else, do not read any books you now.You learn this well. You know all the books.Life is limited, to so a book by book, there is no time, you even one thousandth, one thousandth you can not finish reading, this one hundred years has passed.What do you have to do, read a good book, even if I spent five years, I spent eight years, I read this good book.The other one, a hundred pages, not even ten pages, day after day, day after day, a hundred books a year, a hundred books a year.I tell you, after you have mastered the theory of febrile diseases and the theory of systems, the theory of febrile diseases is only three days old. One important thing is the transparent table, and everything else is similar to the theory of febrile diseases. The more you go down, the more similar there are.Even if you read more than a thousand books before you read, that book is only a few sentences in the end, if you really can read like this, you must be a master, you have a try, reading to have a method.(Warm reminder: The above content is excerpted from guo Shengbai’s public welfare video course “How to Learn Instinctive Systems Medicine”, Lecture 18 -1, The second Inheritance of Great Medicine. Please pay attention to any errors in the text.)