Guess lantern riddles, dumplings, lanterns…The campus to make yuanxiao

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Rednet moment Changsha February 15 news (correspondent Luo Haiyan) when the school meets the Lantern Festival, the excitement in the campus has doubled, the traditional flavor “other thick”.Lantern riddles, glutinous rice balls and lanterns are held at bocai Experimental Middle School attached to Hunan Normal University in Hunan Province, Feb. 15, 2019.Hunan Normal University attached high school Bo CAI Experimental Middle School has always attached great importance to the traditional culture of this fertile soil, to provide children with rich spiritual nutrition, to cultivate students noble moral quality.In order to let students experience the atmosphere of Traditional Chinese festival culture, feel the thick flavor of the New Year, on the occasion of the opening of the school, the party general branch and subordinate branches, labor unions, youth league committee carried out the “Joyfully make yuanxiao, warm gather strength to the future” – “Party construction belt group construction” theme education activities.Happy to guess lantern riddles.”Big hand pull small hand, party member wants to take the lead (dozen a word)” “is cliff hundred zhang ice, still have flower branch qiao (dozen a party history name)”…A “fun Lantern riddles and Lantern Festival” activity was welcomed by teachers and students.Merrily make lanterns.Teachers and students stopped to think and discuss together in the lantern making area, opening wisdom in thinking and exchanging feelings in the discussion. The scene was lively with laughter and laughter.Hot dumplings.The scene of the activity was lively, and the teachers and students were in high spirits to create the limited version of “Bing Dwen Dwen” Yuanxiao.In the skilled hands of bo CAI teachers and students under a lovely simple and honest “ice dun dun” shape yuanxiao fresh baked, in the interest of paying tribute to the Winter Olympic athletes, feel the Charm of the Olympic Games!The party member volunteers also cooked the “reunion” blessing wrapped by teachers and students and sent it to the teachers and students, adding more warmth to the cold early spring.The teachers and students who ate the steaming dumplings sighed, “The dumplings made by hand are more fragrant and sweet, and warm the heart and warm the stomach!”The endless guess lantern riddles thriving, busy not over of yuanxiao, “knowledge” is “taste”, the development of this activity, give full play to the cutting edge exemplary role of party member comrade, warm warm heart stomach condensed the party construction development together, enrich the teachers’ and students’ learning life, create a good campus atmosphere, promote the party and further integration of education.