Does it taste good on the low side?Hafu god beast wisdom lead version of the appearance of young, rich configuration, can start?

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At present, when it comes to low car allocation, there are still many people who think that low car allocation is different from middle and high car allocation in product configuration and other aspects.As everyone knows, in today’s self-owned car brands continue to make efforts, low allocation cars can also have “delicious” product configuration. Compared with other joint venture car products at the same level, self-owned brand car products have always been quite sincere in configuration richness, and Hafu God Beast is just such a product.So, the official guidance price of 130,000 yuan Hafu god beast wisdom lead version as a low car, is it worth getting?First from the analysis of the appearance design of hafu God Beast wisdom lead version, the design of the new car is absolutely unique in the domestic SUV in recent years, incorporating a large number of popular elements, such as:The design of bezel-less dot array chrome-plated meshes, penetrating LED daylights, split LED headlights, hood front and front lip color striping, together with tension line elements, can give young consumers a special visual impact.In addition, the new car all use LED light source, smart lead version is no exception, and equipped with automatic headlight function.From the side of the body, hafu god beast body size in the compact SUV has a certain product advantage, body length of 4 meters 78, wheelbase 2 meters 8, more than the vast majority of competing SUV body size.In the design level, the side lines of Hafu god beast are rich, with a certain sense of strength, with the d-pillar design of slowly sliding, the overall visual effect is slightly advanced.Trendy design elements include hidden door handles, color-contrast trim and 18-inch five-frame petals that aren’t ugly but could be better replaced with 19-inch riffles on mid-to-high-end models.Compared with the design of the front, the rear shape of Hafu God Beast is more sporty, integrating various spoiler designs, including dovetail spoiler on the roof, imitation diffuser decoration matching with collision color at the bottom of the rear, and “γ” LED taillight design with prominent modeling, which not only improves the identification of the model,It can also meet the aesthetic needs of most young consumers for sports style.Secondly, take a look at the interior of the version of Hafu god beast wisdom.The smart Collar’s interior is clearly “low” compared to the mid-to-high model, with the LCD instrument size dropping from 12.3 inches to 10.25 inches and the center screen size dropping from 14.6 inches to 12.3 inches, but such screen configurations are still the mainstream of the current compact SUV market.In addition, the steering wheel shape and materials are consistent with high models, 10.25 inches of LIQUID crystal instrument display content is clear and easy to read, the central control screen is rich, smooth operation is not bad, but after the screen size is reduced, the screen frame appears larger.In terms of functional configuration, Hafu God beast wisdom lead version did not continue people’s consistent recognition of low car allocation, the new car is not only equipped with panoramic image, but also with chassis perspective function, for the poor parking environment for users, such functional configuration is very high practicality.At the same time, the smart collar version is also equipped with leather seats, seat materials, the shape of the same as the high-end model, and the main driver seat support 6-way electric adjustment, rear seats also support 4/6 proportion of recline and backrest Angle adjustment.It is worth mentioning that the car is also equipped with the electric tail door, which is rare at the same level, and supports the memory of the position of the electric tail door, with keyless entry function, which can meet the convenience car needs of most consumers in daily travel scenes.Core motivation, harvard god beast led version with 1.5 T engine based on lemon platform after the upgrade, maximum power up to 184 horsepower, peak torque of 275 cattle, meters, transmission system, matching 7 DCT transmission, only book parameters from dynamic configuration and point of view, to do a joint venture with the same competing goods SUV power level of “equal”.Chassis, the new car adopts the former McPherson after multi-link type independent suspension, to take into account the movement and comfort of the main adjustment style.Conclusion I believe that a lot of young consumers have paid attention to this car, after all, the name “God beast” itself has enough topics, while the sharp shape of Hafu God Beast has also gained a lot of “applause”., however, want to be a harvard god beast owners also need to have a certain economic strength, and harvard low intelligence led version as a car, for the cash-strapped target consumption group provides a new choice, configuration is sincerity, full, such as panoramic sunroof, 540 ° panoramic images, automatic air conditioning, automatic wiper, etc are standard,Relative to the same level of independent brand SUV, there is no feeling of low car allocation.Of course, if the budget is sufficient, it is not recommended to buy the smart collar version. You only need to add 7,000 yuan to get the front seat heating, HUD display, 12.3-inch LCD instrument + 14.6-inch central control screen, 19-inch wheel rim, adaptive cruise, wireless charging and other advanced configurations, which can bring a more comfortable and convenient car experience.In general, Hafu god beast low matching models although very fragrant, but not the first choice.