Congratulations to Antetokounmpo!Congratulations to the Bucks!Milwaukee clinched the title with a three-for-one NBA guard deal

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With the trade deadline looming, the Bucks made a four-way deal in the early hours of Feb. 11 Beijing time.The Bucks sent three players to get the Clippers’ top man, Serge Ibaka.The bucks will get Ibaka, the Clippers will get Hood and Ojele, the Kings will get Josh Jackson, Lyles and Divenzo, and the Pistons will get Bagley.For the Bucks, the deal gives away divenzo, whose contract is about to expire.Divenzo’s role with the Bucks is similar to that of Caruso with the Lakers. He was the perfect role player for the bucks, but after Divenzo’s contract expired, the team didn’t want to spend a lot of money to renew him and traded divenzo away.In the deal, the Bucks traded for champion interior forward Serif Ibaka, and the team’s inside strength improved again.With Lopez sidelined by a back injury, the Bucks needed a shooting post to complement Giannis Antetokounmpo.For the Clippers, who already have several players up front, including Moss and Batum, as well as cabrera and George, who have yet to return, the clippers sent Ibaka.The Bucks kept their winning trio of giannis Antetokounmpo, Holiday and Middleton this season, and the team’s record is getting better.Ibaka joined the Bucks, giving the team a shot at the championship added security.