Cloud money youth three countryside: flower basket back living water struggle at that time

2022-04-29 0 By

Chuxiong, February 19 (correspondent Li Ruoyi) Summer vacation, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics “Gather youth strength, contribute youth wisdom” yunnan Rural revitalization observation and practice group came to Waipu Village, Yongren County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, “three to the countryside” social practice.Because of the special geographical location of Waipula village, people on the mountain water is at the foot of the mountain, can only “listen to the sound of water, worry about water”, so waipula people in order to solve this problem, use flower baskets to carry water up the mountain.Practice team members through rewalking the flower basket back waterway, personally feel the “flower basket back water spirit”, dig the story behind.”Adhere to the valuable, struggle at that time” is the spirit of the flower basket back to our vast youth inspiration.The spirit of youth and the flower basket back to the water of the spiritual core echo, the new era we will also draw from the flower basket back to the water of the spirit of endeavour, so that every youth power toward the dream of national rejuvenation confluence.?The picture shows the flower baskets used by local villagers to carry water.Photo by China Youth Network correspondent Chen Yanbing