Beijing Jishuitan hospital a day after receiving more than 100 snow fall injury!Experts teach you how to save yourself

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After heavy snow, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital saw a significant increase in the number of emergency treatment patients suffering from falls.At 10:35 on February 14, the Beijing Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a yellow alert for road icing.Jishuitan hospital orthopedic experts remind, after snow to pay attention to prevent falls, avoid playing on icy road, try to avoid marble, tile, ice and other smooth road.From 8 o ‘clock on February 13 to 11 o ‘clock on February 14, the emergency department of Xinjiekou District of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital received 123 patients with fall injuries after snow.The injuries occurred yesterday afternoon and this morning.Most of the injuries are radial, but there are also ankle joints, hip joints, lumbar vertebrae and other easy injuries.”It snowed all day yesterday. When I was cleaning my car in the morning, I slipped and broke my arm.”Mr. Li, the patient who came in this morning, said.Jishuitan hospital orthopedics experts remind, after the snow should pay attention to prevent falls, go out as far as possible to wear loose warm, non-skid flat shoes, pay attention to the material of the sole, women should not wear high heels.Try to avoid marble, tiles, ice and other smooth roads.Walking speed should not be too fast, the sole of the foot step solid step steady, the best was outside eight characters, small steps forward, hands do not insert pocket.The old man tried not to go out.Experts say the three most likely places to fracture after a fall are the wrist, hip and ankle.Most people’s first reaction to a slip is to push on the ground with their hands, causing the force of the fall to pass through the wrist to the forearm, resulting in a fracture of the distal radius.Wrist fractures account for more than 60% of all fractures.Patients often experience swelling and pain in the wrist and forearm after fracture, and severe fractures can result in local deformity.Experts remind, when accidentally fall, first remember to be calm, injured parts to brake.If you have boards, magazines, etc. around you, you can use them to stabilize the injured limbs.If you can ice it, don’t heat it.If you find a part of the body is very painful, do not force support, to avoid secondary injury.”Incorrect movement can cause the fracture to shift and worsen.”The expert expresses, below emergency situation, can use scarf, book to wait to fracture place undertake simple fix.If the patient considers chest, waist and back pain, unable to sit up, stand, etc., it is necessary to suspect the possibility of spinal fracture. In the process of handling and rescue, the patient should not be carried on the back at will, and a hard plate should be used for handling, or call 120 for professional medical personnel to help.If bleeding wounds are found after falling, or bones are directly exposed to open wounds, bandage the wounds temporarily with clean gauze or towels, call for rescue in place, and go to the hospital as soon as possible.Source: Beijing Daily client