Zhang Suting: Seven Unique Drunk (Chinese New Rhyme)

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Liquor three cups gu from the pour, drunk xiangxi around the former village.Looking for mei trekking suspected no road, jiao yue township bridge beauty.Author: Zhang Suting, female, president of Majiayao (Yijiafang) Ru Porcelain Co., LTD., Ruzhou city.The company r & D and production of more than 160 ru porcelain products, exported to the United States, Singapore, Japan, Italy and other countries, best-selling Beijing, Taiwan, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Shaanxi and other 13 provinces of more than 30 areas.Chairman Zhang Suting and General Manager Ma Juntao were awarded the inheritor of ru porcelain intangible cultural heritage.Factory address: Ruzhou Ziyun Road Ma Yao Industrial Park.