Teammates and coaches cheered for Wu Dajing and were proud of the Chinese short track speed skating team

2022-04-28 0 By

Wu Dajing, Qu Chunyu, Zhang Yuting and Ren Ziwei won China’s first Olympic gold medal in the short-track speed skating mixed team relay final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb 5.A champion!The first gold!Watching the game in Jilin Province Ice Sports Management Center wu Dajing teammates and coaches in this moment boiling, cheers resounded the scene, everyone’s joy is overflowing, this is our pride!After the match, reporters interviewed the ice center coach Liu Xiaoliang, he said: “I am so excited, from the semi-final to the final, really ups and downs, congratulations to the Chinese short track speed skating team, congratulations to Wu Dajing, we won the gold medal with strength.”The teammates who watched the game stood up and sang excitedly.Source Cailian news editor-in-chief Meng Fanjie Shi Wei Han Tieying editor Chi Ruibing