Residents experience a different Spring Festival flavor this year after renovating old neighborhoods

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After the transformation of Xima New village everywhere filled with thick flavor of the New Year.The renovation of old residential areas is a livelihood project for the benefit of the masses. In 2021, 455 old residential areas will be completed in Wuhan, benefiting about 200,000 households.After the renovation, the roof wall is renovated as new, the road surface is repaired and the elevator is installed to make travel more convenient, and the leisure square is newly built to transform the old community into a park…On The second day of the Chinese New Year on February 2, a reporter from Changjiang Daily visited some of the old residential areas after renovation, and the residents were all laughing and praising, “This Spring Festival is so different from before!””The environment is beautiful, the community is busy, this year to experience a different ‘Taste of the New Year'” property to the old couple delivered free Spring Festival couplets.”Grandpa Xu, we came to see you, happy New Year!”As property agents shouted, 73-year-old resident Xu Feng opened the door and, along with his wife, welcomed property agents and reporters inside.”Oh, come to play on the line, this polite, but also send gifts to ah!”At 9 o ‘clock in the morning, property staff specially came to deliver a pair of Spring Festival couplets and a pot of oil, New Year’s greetings to the old man.Xu Feng, wearing new clothes for the festival, looked very happy. He greeted everyone while tasting candy and chatting about the changes in the community.On February 2, the reporter came to jianghan District Xima new village community, far to see two red lanterns hung high on the door.On the leisure square of the community, there are not only many small lanterns and Chinese knots hanging, but also bright gold foil paper wrapped around the trees. There are also pictures of the transformation of the community taken by the residents themselves.Turn around the community, most residents have posted Spring Festival couplets and fu at home, everywhere is permeated with a festive festive atmosphere.From the remaining decorations and photography exhibition on the square, we can still clearly see the shadow of the large “Spring Festival garden party” not long ago.On January 20 this year, Xima New Village community held a large “Spring Festival garden party” in the central square.On that day, the square was crowded with people. In the cultural corridor less than 100 meters away from the square, folk artists painted sugar paintings. Many old people and children were all in a circle.Residents are looking at a photo exhibition of community reconstruction where residents take selfies.”The kid plays the drum really well!”Next to writing Spring Festival couplets, there is a talent show of the small residents of the community. The children beat the drum rhythmically with the light melody, attracting a burst of cheers from the surrounding residents.Around the square, there is a photo exhibition held by the community, which shows 50 scenes of the community after reconstruction taken by residents after screening.The photos in the exhibition show children happily sliding down a slide in the transformed children’s playground.On the green road next to the central square, the old man was strolling leisurely.It turned out that the garbage dump downstairs was full of bright flowers…These scenes and pictures all record the changes in residents’ lives.”This year, it is the first Spring Festival after our transformation, and it is very different from before.”Xu feng introduced that there were people on duty at the gate 24 hours a day, and the garbage in the corridor and the park was cleaned every day. Lanterns and Chinese knots were hung everywhere in the community.It’s so nice to celebrate the New Year in a neat neighborhood!Residents post Spring Festival couplets on their doorsteps.On the second day of the New Year, Ma Junru, who lives in qingshan District, got up early. He pasted Spring Festival couplets on his doorstep and then went to the nearby supermarket to buy ingredients.”My relatives and friends are coming for dinner today, and I’m going to prepare a good dinner.”The rural business courtyard is an old residential area built more than 20 years ago. There is only one building in it, surrounded by a square well in the middle, in the shape of a square.Three years ago, the community was transformed into a “chic siheyuan” after a three-month transformation.”I used to be afraid to ask my relatives to come over because the yard was overgrown and there was no place to stay.”Ma Junru said, before the transformation of agricultural and commercial courtyard, corridor corridor hung everywhere with a variety of cross wires, dense, with “spider web” like, go out can touch the head.”Now all the lines have been installed into a special trough box, the corridor has become clean, finally ‘sweep’ away all the ‘cobwebs’.”The reporter saw at the scene, the outer wall of the house was painted a new, small courtyard comfortable and clean, placed there are 3 long leisure chairs and a can sit around the stone table and chair, the ground covered with colorful tiling, next to the “insert” a few air drying rack.”This is the first time that relatives have been invited to my home for a reunion dinner.”Ma junru said with a smile while chopping vegetables. In the time he had prepared several authentic Hubei dishes in the kitchen, such as steamed bass, ribs and lotus root soup, and was only waiting for the arrival of relatives and friends.Ma junru said that after the renovation of the old community, the small farm has undergone tremendous changes. “This is the first Spring Festival we have spent here after the renovation.This year, we were so happy and relieved to get together with our families in a clean and tidy neighborhood.””Water leakage problem solved, my son and his family are back this year!”Lu Xiaohai, a resident, is preparing the New Year dinner for her son and his family.At 9 o ‘clock in the morning, lu Xiaohai, an old resident of Wangda community, was busy setting up a table for the Lunar New Year dinner when the reporter arrived at his home.Mutton and beef were thawing out of the refrigerator, preserved fish and meat were steaming in the steamer, and fresh rice cakes and shredded beans were soaked in water on the big table.Lu Xiaohai was beaming as she explained, “After the renovation of the community this year, the roof no longer leaks. My son and grandson came back here for the Spring Festival.”Wang Da residential area, located in Taohua Island community, Qinduan Street, Hanyang District, was built in 1999 with 10 residential buildings, said Zhang Wenbin, party secretary of Taohua Island community.Due to the long construction period, in 2021, the residential area was included in hanyang District old renovation plan, entered the site in March of that year, has been basically completed.”It’s annoying that the roof leaks.”Lu xiaohai said that they had lived in room 701 on the top floor of building 12 for more than 20 years. Two years ago, the house suddenly appeared water seepage in the corner of the house. Before the renovation, water not only dribbled in the bedroom, but also flowed down the wall in the living room.”There’s mold on top of every wall in my house.”Mr. Lu’s wife, Liu Yuqun, added that during the worst of the leak, she had to put plastic sheets on her bed and use plastic buckets to collect water, making it impossible to sleep in her bedroom.”The result of the transformation is simply too good.”After the renovation, Mr. Liu said, a sloping roof was added to the roof, which was like putting a hat on the house, and several layers of waterproof paint and lacquer were sprayed on the walls, which was like putting a cotton-padded coat on the house.”A few days ago, it was raining and snowing, and our house not only didn’t leak, but also lost the cold air to go into the house. It was very warm.””Flat slope” after the roof like wearing a big hat.Reporter Leng Jinghua photo of the residential renovation designer Xu Liang introduced, considering the serious water leakage in the residential area, specially designed for “flat slope” form, and the implementation of a waterproof, and slope roof form “double insurance”;Waterproof transformation, but also increase the laying of insulation layer, slope roof and flat roof between the formation of an air insulation layer, “of course, residents will feel warmer”.Dai Jun, head of the special class for the transformation of old residential areas in Hanyang District, introduced that in 2021, 32 old residential areas will be reconstructed in Hanyang District, effectively solving the pain points of people’s livelihood and being highly recognized by residents.In 2022, Hanyang District also plans to start renovating 31 old residential areas, and more old residential areas will welcome new ones.For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.