Pet text: the male hero is handsome and belly dark, pet wife crazy demon, the female lead group pet little princess, a small cookie!

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Love novels of friends everywhere, abuse, sweet, through the text, modern text, fantasy text, although everyone is different, but for the story of the novel writing requirements, can see high-quality novels will always make people want more, see again.Good things to share with friends, xiaobian here to introduce you to a few people can not extricate themselves from the novel, completely bid farewell to the situation of book shortage.If you like, collect it as soon as possible!Today xiaobian to recommend: pet text: male hero is handsome and belly dark, pet wife crazy demon, female lead group pet little princess, a cookie!The first: “after being reborn marry male advocate his uncle” author: a pair of snow introduction: pet text: male advocate again handsome abdomen black, pet wife wild devil, female advocate group pet little princess, small sweet cake one!Shenyang nine girls to listen to the snow past blind, wrong faith treacherous people, resulting in shenyang family, love of the violent death.Then I opened my eyes and went back to the age of fifteen. The little girl rolled up her sleeves and did nothing.They found that nine girls that grass bag not grass, beauty, means, but also spoiled for a hug.Guide to the pit: “After these things were buried, the king hoped to find the girl, and then when we married her, but the king found the girl, before he could marry the man, the girl dug out her own things and took them in advance.”This thing was meant for Shen.So, she did dig for her own stuff.Shen listened to the snow completely frozen.If I knew she wouldn’t dig!”Blame Qin Lifei!”Shen was furious.”Qin Lifei?”He frowned.”Well, today I buried gold by him caught, fortunately I clever and change a place, who knows will dig my own treasure.”Shen listened to the snow has taken the step as his own.However, although Rong Zhan lied.But there was one thing left unsaid. It was for her.”That’s a nice swing.””When you get married.”Step shaking is a symbol of wealth, north Qi has regulations, step shaking civilians can not wear, miss family can not wear.In the palace, concubines with more than five ranks can only wear a step swing on one side, and there is no restriction on concubines with more than five ranks.If Shen listen to snow marry let war, that is dingbei princess.The King of Dingbei was a prince who was first conferred by the emperor himself and surpassed all others.So, let the war of the princess of high grade, also can wear step shake.”Good.”Shen listens to snow bright pupil in, finally had light.Seeing her happy, Rong Zhan was relieved.Fortunately, Shen listened to snow to see the open, will take the initiative to ask him.Otherwise this matter Shen xue does not say, he does not know, for a long time will become a knot.(Click below to read for free) the second book: “Magic doctor Ling Quan: your female abandoned concubine” author: Yu Fang introduction: he is the cold-blooded king of the Jin Kingdom, masterful, look down on the world.She’s his princess, saved his life, and he won’t even meet her.Fire filled, death came, she learned that her existence was a joke!Opening her eyes, she changed her identity and was reborn two years ago.Leaf Zhen smiles slightly, this I, she can blind and seek to seize the bitch of her identity trample on foot, mercilessly trample on!Let him taste the pain of acacia, beg but not deep suffering!Just, why imperceptibly between, she has become big brocade of the first favor concubine?Moreover, it is the first disaster.Into the pit guide: Tang Zhen today is actually to test the mouth, he knew that the emperor will not succeed, can only from the lu side of the test, if the Lu three master willing to marry him, the emperor said, after all, he is now Yao Yao emperor brother, he is not willing in how.Lu Ling also did not expect Tang Zhen will mention Lu Yao, he never thought of Yao Yao married things, there is a voice in the heart clamoring, he is not willing to marry Anyone Yao Yao, he is willing to keep her in lu’s home for a lifetime.”Until the brotherly battle, you help to sound Lord Lu’s mouth.”Tang Zhen said, now can help his people only lu Ling.”It’s not that no one wanted to propose marriage before, but my husband and my third uncle have said that they will not talk about it until they finish their studies.”Lu Lingzhi said.Tang zhen smiled and said, “Isn’t that appropriate?Yao Yao has been admitted to the medical female, generally can be admitted to the medical female are calculated, extended to, my happiness in this life to you.Lu lingzhi frowned and said, “Are you sure Yao Yao wants to marry you?Don’t be wishful thinking.””……”Tang Zhen is really wishful thinking, he is not sure Whether Yao Yao would like to marry him, now he is most afraid of, Yao Yao also tempted to the emperor.”It seems to be my guess, Yao Yao this little girl is different from others, especially have their own ideas, if she is not willing to marry you, is the third uncle also can’t.”Lu Lingzhi said with a smile.Tang Zhen sighed, “I will ask her first, if she is not willing, I will not force him.”Lu Ling of the mood smiled lightly, he did not think That Yao Yao would agree.Already the Leaf zhen that is in medical museum does not know Tang Zhen to land home, she still is preparing to enter the palace nowadays when medical female thing, although passed an exam, but still must be checked by medical supervision, without disease, one’s life experience is innocent, appearance regular ability enters palace.(Click below to read for free) Third book: “Jinfeng Huating” author: Xizi Love introduction: before the death of the old Nanyang King, for An Huajin to choose a fiance, the family of seven childe.Gu seven childe is rumored to be gentle and elegant and graceful, and is the most talented person in gu’s new generation.Anhua Jin listened, his face was black, and he shook his head and shook his head again.At the age of thirteen, she entered Beijing for the first time and admired the red pink lane of eight main streets in the imperial capital. She wanted to see something, but did not expect to touch the hands of beauty, but almost died in the gentle countryside.For she had met a man — the prince behind the eighth Avenue.How to get into the pit: Your Majesty does not know this yet, but your Majesty can imagine that if you do, you will be restless again.Although it was one thing for him to grant permission to send their heirs to the Nanyang Army, it was another for the eldest son of the Cui family to leave the Family and go to the Nanyang Army.In particular, Cui Zhuo was different from Wang Anzhi. Although Wang Anzhi was also the legitimate son and grandson of the Wang family, he planned to send Wang Anzhi to the Nanyang Army earlier, because Wang Anzhi secretly volunteered to the emperor to show his loyalty, but Cui Zhuo, the emperor did not contact.Although did not contact, but Cui Zhuo’s just name, is also early heard.The queen was a little worried. “Ann, are you making up your mind too quickly?You should think this over carefully.Your Majesty is no longer suspicious of the Nanyang palace, but your Majesty has always been suspicious.”Anhuajin, however, was not worried at all. “It’s a good thing that your Majesty won’t be able to sit still. At least, you won’t be thinking about that woman every day.”At the very least, it proves that your Majesty still cares about the state and the state of Chu.I am afraid that I will throw myself on the belly of a beautiful woman and leave nothing to chance. That is bad.The queen heard the words to think is also, so put down the heart, “you have a dispute in mind, in short, be careful.”Anhua Jin nodded, her heart naturally have dispute.Back to the old house, the door has stopped Gu Xiaoyan’s carriage, obviously, Gu Xiaoyan has come back.Novels abuse me thousands of times, I treat novels like the first love, for the love of fiction friends, any style of novels are available, especially for their own taste of novels, but also can read again and again.Today’s recommendation is here first, what would you like to ask at the end of the message to xiaobian oh!