Linhai, Zhejiang province: A “village affairs card”, a clean bill

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Atlas “now to the village procurement can be convenient, need not go to the bank to take money to get money, also need not their own mat money, mobile phone a brush bought.”Linhai yongquan town Yan en village old document Zhang Jialin said.In the past, the village collective sporadic procurement to the village account to take money or get cash, encounter emergency procurement or insufficient cash in the village, can only be paid by the village buyer himself first, not only inconvenient reimbursement, but also misappropriation, false reimbursement and other risks.In order to meet the demand for convenience in the use of village collective economic funds, Linhai innovated the non-cash payment and settlement method of the village, and cooperated with financial institutions to explore the issuance of the village-level official card, namely the “village affairs card”, taking the opportunity of “rural financial management”, “clean village housing” and “three-asset supervision”.This card is held by the staff of administrative villages or rural collective economic organizations, and is mainly used for daily office expenses, utilities, posts and telecommunications and other village expenses settled in cash, as well as the non-production and operation expenses of village collective and its financial reimbursement business credit card.Under the guidance of relevant departments in Linhai City, Yongquan town took the lead in the promotion of the project in the whole city, and more than 120 village “two committee” cadres in 32 villages under the jurisdiction of the “village affairs card”.According to the regulation, when all administrative villages and village collective economic organization staff undertake village affairs consumption, must use “village affairs card”.The use of “village card” village consumption, do not need to advance to the village collective cash or go to the bank to withdraw money, do not occupy personal funds, directly swipe card payment, payment information free tips.At the same time, in order to better adapt to the sporadic procurement of village level, solve the problems of small shops unable to swipe cards and inconvenient online shopping reimbursement, Yongquan town expanded payment channels, binding the “village affairs card” to mobile payment, and mobile payment of small village funds can also be made through Alipay and wechat.According to introduction, “village affairs card” mobile payment generally uses the management mode of payment first and reimbursement later. Cardholders scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code for payment settlement, and ask the supplier for invoices, expenditure details and village affairs card transaction vouchers and other reimbursement vouchers.The use of “village card” settlement, not only convenient village collective financial expenses, and can let the village activities of the entire consumption process can leave a mark, can query, whether from the use of convenience, or on the rural capital supervision have played a very good role.At the same time, further standardize village affairs supervision and capital supervision, eliminate cash accounts, but also make village capital expenditure transparent, grassroots atmosphere more clear, better guard the village collective “money bag”.According to the introduction, in order to further eliminate the village financial management abuses, further strengthen the village collective fund management and use supervision, to ensure that the village fund management traces can be traced, Linhai city will be in the whole city to promote the “village card”, from the source, effectively prevent the village fund “micro corruption”.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: