Lianyungang Huaguo Mountain Scenic Spot police station: stop when you wave, zero distance service for tourists

2022-04-28 0 By

China jiangsu net on February 4, lianyungang on February 3, year 3, 6 o ‘clock in the evening, the sky is getting dark, a day of lianyungang huaguo mountain and noisy also gradually quiet down, the huaguo mountain scenic area police station’s police are ZhiQinDian to return to the police station on the way from the mountain, at this time the police found a female tourists by the side of the road, after see the lights,Waving anxiously at the police car, he quickly pulled up beside her.After the inquiry found that the name of the king of female tourists from zhejiang building heart to lianyungang huaguo mountain, a foot empty when down carelessly, cause a sprained left ankle, because may be one person, but also it gradually dark around there is no other visitors, only yourself a little bit down the hill, the sprain has swelled up, unable to walk hard,Ms. Wang also tried to wave to some vehicles coming down the mountain for help, but perhaps because it was dark and no vehicles noticed her, seeing the time was getting late, what to do?Wang was worried when she saw a police car passing by. She quickly waved for help, but the car stopped.After the police asked her situation, according to Ms. Wang’s request, she was sent to her car in the scenic ecological parking lot, and assisted her to get on the bus.Wang said her right foot is fine and she can drive, and she can go to the hospital for examination and treatment.Finally, Ms. Wang thanked her repeatedly and drove away.It is understood that on the third day of the lunar New Year, huaguoshan Scenic area police station received all kinds of police 35 cases, such as the rescue Of Ms. Wang, just huaguoshan scenic area police station on duty process an epitome.As of February 3, huaguo Mountain scenic Spot has received more than 17,000 tourists and more than 6,000 vehicles per day for three consecutive days.In the police station, the least number of police wechat steps is also more than 10,000 steps, it seems not much, but this is on the mountain, up and down the steps, high and low section of ramp, back and forth I do not know how many times to come out.In order to ensure a good tourist order in the scenic area, in order to solve the first time for tourists, the police station of Huaguoshan Scenic Area patrol in the mountains step by step, parking lot, shanmen square, shuiliandong, Yunvfeng, mountain large and small scenic spots, roads have their footprints.Help the old man find the lost handbag, help find the lost children, mediate disputes in different situations, all kinds of police situation disposal have their figure, they so accompany in the tourists, let themselves into the scenic spot become a beautiful scenery.(Pan Zhengkun)