Biden is in a hurry!Twenty-two STEM majors were added, and some liberal arts students were extended OPT

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In order to attract and retain STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) talent, the White House announced a major initiative: 1. 22 new majors/studies in STEM subjects, OPT extended to 36 months 2. International students on J-1 visas will be allowed to work in the US for three years.The data on the need for STEM talent suggests that Biden is really desperate.The National Association of Manufacturers and Deloitte report that by 2025, more than 2 million STEM jobs will be unfilled due to a lack of highly skilled workers.But, embarrassingly, American students have no interest in STEM.One set of surveys by the National Math and Science Initiative found that only 16 percent of American high school graduates were enthusiastic about pursuing STEM careers.No wonder Biden was in a hurry to announce a series of major policies for STEM international students.The most significant of these new rules is 22 new majors/studies in STEM disciplines.As shown in the figure below, the F-1 STEM OPT program has 22 new disciplines.** If your major is not included in this new list, don’t worry!The government also said it would allow American universities to nominate other disciplines or majors that should be included in STEM OPT.For those of you who are sharp-eyed, the liberal arts Social Science has also been labeled STEM.In other words, liberal arts students can also enjoy the three-year OPT treatment.Social Science and Humanities are commonly referred to in American universities, and the following majors fall under the category of Social Science: Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Education, Media, Journalism, Anthropology, public Administration…The high salary job-hunting map of liberal arts living mirror, dish good!Once upon a time, liberal arts students were overshadowed by their STEM peers when it came to comparing employment data.But times have changed.What’s more, the high salary employment outlet of liberal arts students itself is very extensive.1 school of arts living can not only into the investment bank, have natural advantages, head of investment banking recruitment once said: “an ideal Candidate, can be a look and financial irrelevant people: in literature, for example, or history, or physics, or computer, or on other professional students with excellent performance, and the only drawback is never thought into the investment bank.”Why is investment banking all-embracing?That is because investment banking is by nature all-encompassing.As we all know, investment banks can be divided into Industry Group and Product Group.The Product Group mainly focuses on two products, M&A. Financing B. acquisition C. Financing D. FinancingThe purpose of the Industry Group is to cover a wide range of industries. The daily work of the Industry Group is to meet with Corporate Clients and deal with different deals in the Industry. Therefore, it is necessary for you to understand the “language” of customers.Have a deep understanding of an industry.In fact, the essence of investment banking is dealing with customers, which has absolute natural advantages for liberal arts students.I majored in politics and entered the Investment Banking Department of Goldman Sachs. I majored in politics and got the summer internship offer of IBD of Goldman Sachs in 2022. I majored in English and entered the Investment banking Department of Morgan Sachs.However, the biggest hurdle for a liberal arts major seeking to enter an investment bank is breaking the prejudice most investment bankers have against applicants with non-financial backgrounds.You need to tell the interviewer two things: that you are qualified for the job and that you really want the job.One of the most striking features of working in a consulting firm is the diversity of colleagues’ backgrounds.There are many traditional majors, such as economics and business, as well as various science, engineering, classics, international relations and English majors.That’s because consulting companies work on projects, early contact with customers in different industries.That’s why consulting firms like to hire students from a wide range of professional backgrounds, making it easier to serve clients in different industries.Art major into McKinsey case Z students Yale University, art major to get McKinsey full-time offer into BCG case W students Northwestern University, liberal arts major to get BCG summer internship offer3 don’t accident, technology companies can also enter!In a number of technology giants, there is a position that accepts students of different majors, that is Product Manager!According to a WST mentor, fellow product managers at Meta come from a variety of backgrounds: a president of the American Musicians Association, a former Olympian, a former Goldman Sachs investment manager, a former McKinsey consultant, a former Teach For America teacher, a government official, and even a photographer.The job of a product manager is not just to talk to engineers, but to data scientists, operations, legal, design, user experience research, policy, business development, and so on.Designing a product that can be used by tens of thousands of people requires not only awesome technical skills, but also empathy with different users.Therefore, from this point, liberal arts students also have a certain advantage.New York University, Art History major received full-time offer from Didi Product ManagerBiden has said he will increase the number of H-1B work visas in order to change the Trump administration’s low approval rate for h-1B work visas since 2020, which has been consistently below 10 percent.The numbers say he’s trying.According to Forbes, the rate of H1B visas approved by the US Department of Labor in 2021 was nearly 15 percent higher than during the Trump administration, and the rejection rate was improved from 28.6 percent to 7.1 percent.The rejection rate of H1B applications from some famous companies has also plummeted.Needless to say, the rejection rate for 2021 looks good.Google and the renamed Meta are among the best, with a rejection rate of only 2 percent.The h-1B rejection rate for Amazon, a big employer, dropped to 4%.Goldman Sachs (GS) has just 4% of H-1B visa rejections. Accenture (GS) has 6% of H-1B visa rejections, down from 31%.Deloitte’s H1B rejection rate dropped from 41% to 11% in the first three quarters of FY2021, H1B approval rate reached 97%, unprecedented in several years, and RFE rate dropped from 28.8% in FY2020 to 18.2%.Which high-paying industries in the United States “Haidilao STEM party”?Attention all STEM students, now is a good time to land!While uUS have just returned from their winter vacation, many investment banks are already opening applications for summer internships in 2023.Perella Weinberg Partners (PWP) has also opened its 2023 summer internship application process in October 2021, almost two years in advance.Students who complete an undergraduate degree between December 2023 and June 2024 can apply.WST already has students taking a step closer to 2023 Summer through other shortcuts, the various junior programs that PWP is opening up.On January 13, WST students from the University of Texas at Austin have been invited to participate in the PWP Women’s Advisory Program. They will also have the opportunity of fast Track to 2023 summer internship.The Rothschild 2023 summer internship requires applicants to graduate no later than May 2024 with a GPA greater than 3.2.David: The Rothschild Sophomore Program has also started sending out interview invitations. I have students from Emory University in WST who have received the interview successfully. I am able to skip the online application even if I am doing well in the Sophomore Program.Pass fast Track directly to the 2023 summer internship interview.Evercore is also gearing up for the 2023 summer internship, with a summer internship orientation session for university of Michigan sophomores closing on Feb. 21.Private equity giant KKR is looking for summer interns for 2023 at its Offices in New York, Menlo Park and San Francisco. Applications are due Feb. 28 at 11:59 p.m. Et.KKR 2023 summer internship program includes Capital Markets, Client & AMP;Partner Group, Global Impact, Global Macro, Balance Sheet & AMP;Risk, Private Equity, Real Estate and other teams are for students graduating in winter 2023 or spring 2024.On top of that, outstanding performance in the internship may lead to a full-time KKR opportunity in 2024!Bain Capital is also opening online applications for summer internships for 2023.The 10-week program will begin in June 2023 in Boston.Open to undergraduate sophomores, interns will be exposed to a wide range of industries, multiple types of investments, and significant trading experience in a short period of time.Bain Capital will also provide a week of training, leading you hand in hand to fly the rhythm.Like KKR, Bain capital has said it could offer full-time opportunities in 2024.Microsoft, which bought Blizzard blizzard in 2022, has posted applications for summer internship/full-time positions such as Data Scientist and Program Manager on its website.Google also has a lot of information about open applications for tech jobs in 2022.Want to know which other companies in the U.S. are opening up for high-paying jobs in 2022?Let’s take stock of everything.WST Career Offers list official website: WST Career website to open the official website click on “Offers” to view every candidate’s Offer