Air skills mixed team: The second jump landing error, China regrettable silver, the United States high score gold

2022-04-28 0 By

This evening, Olympic freestyle skiing aerial skill mixed group game, the Chinese team 3 contestants Xu Mengtao, Gu Zongyang, JiGuangPu, results Gu Zongyang mistakes when landing, the Chinese team won the silver medal, the United States won the gold medal, this is the project’s first gold medal at the winter Olympic Games, the Chinese delegation won the Olympics MEDALS, 6The medal count rose to three gold and three silver.This competition has a total of 6 teams to participate, each team 3 athletes, each jump 1, a total of two rounds, the second round only 4 teams.Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu played a solid game to win the first place in the first round, and Finally China and the United States, Canada and Switzerland, a total of four teams into the second round of MEDALS.The first female players, the first three teams of players have a small mistake, the last to fight Xu Mengtao action difficulty 4.293, completed quite good, got 106.03 points, China team temporarily ranked the first, leading the second team of the United States 17 points.The second player, Lillis of the United States, played well and scored 135 points, while Jia Zongyang made a big mistake when landing and scored only 96.02 points. After the second round, China was 21.81 points behind the United States.The third player, the American player got 114.48 points, almost guaranteed to win the gold medal, Although The Chinese player Qi Guangpu jumped out a perfect jump, got 122.17 points, but could not catch up with the American team, finally The Chinese team regret to pick the silver, the American team won the gold medal, Canada won the bronze medal!