21 year old boy wins gold medal after smile: index finger points to day, mourn father!Eight years dream come true

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Birk Ruud, 21, of Norway, won the men’s big jump freestyle skiing event at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 9 with a total score of 187.75 points. Ruud won his first gold medal at the Winter Olympics and the fourth gold medal for the Norwegian team.The freestyle skiing men’s big jump competition, Rood was the absolute king, the first round of 95.75 points, the second round 92 points, two rounds of 187.75 points!Before the third round, Rood had already secured the title.Rood, 21, carried the Norwegian flag in the third round to take home the Olympic gold medal.Rather than celebrate too cheeky, Rood commemorated his gold medal in a reverent way: he smiled, his eyes closed, his right index finger pointing to the sky, as if offering a memorial.VG has revealed the answer: rood, 21, dedicates the gold medal to his father in heaven.”Father, you are with me.”After finishing the second round with 187.75 points, Rood clasped his hands, hugged his “friends and family” from Norway and prayed to his father.In fact, when Rood made that jump, Olympic gold was in the bag.With the title looming, Rood’s first thought was of his father.After finishing the third round, Rood exclaims again: “My God, father, you are with me!”Rood, 21, won gold in Beijing last April, 10 months after losing her father Irwin Rood to cancer.Sadly, the father was not there to witness his son’s moment of glory.”My father was always with me,” Rood said in an emotional interview with VG Norway.When he passed away, I realized one thing more — when it comes to competitive sports, family always comes second.”After winning the championship, Rood told his family the good news, which his father always couldn’t get around.Rood always told everyone that it was his father who gave him faith and strength.Winning an Olympic gold medal was also a dream come true for the 21-year-old.Eight years ago, at the age of 13, Rood enrolled at the Norwegian Sports School, where becoming an Olympic champion was a childhood dream.”It’s amazing. I imagined standing on the podium and winning an Olympic gold medal a long time ago.Now I have the opportunity to show my abilities and skills and realize my dream, which is amazing!””Rood said again.