Why was the dress of the ancient nobleman not afraid of getting dirty when it dragged on the floor?Poverty limits our imagination

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Clothing plays an important role in human society and has a close relationship with the development of human society.Chinese ancient costume is affected by political factors, hierarchy, social atmosphere, celebrity effect and so on. It is the expression of social culture and human self.In today’s society, a person’s social status can be seen from his clothes, so it was in ancient times, even more so.In China’s ancient feudal society for thousands of years, class division was the most important social characteristic in this period.The ancient Chinese costume was naturally influenced by the feudal hierarchy, sometimes even beyond the aesthetic or practical nature of the costume.For the royal family and nobles, most people’s impression of noble clothes is almost noble and gorgeous, especially the long skirt that drags the ground of noble women, which shows their dignity and dignity.However, despite being as noble as royalty, would they dress so lavishly every day in their daily lives?What about those floor-dragging dresses when they get dirty?Today, we will talk briefly about these issues.As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the hierarchical system of feudal society seriously affected the development of ancient Chinese clothing.Clothing is a tool to distinguish human classes, which makes certain social classes live in harmony and separate from each other.In ancient China, the luxurious clothes in Panyu were reserved for aristocrats and only the upper class could wear them, while the clothes of the lower class were strictly regulated.From the beginning of the Ritual system of the Duke of Zhou, the wearing of the clothes will pay attention to the status and occasion.Emperors and courtiers in order to show the status of the high and low, so in the clothing to develop a set of rules of etiquette, if the worship of heaven and wedding and funeral events and other occasions, dress requirements more solemn, and also in the clothing to distinguish colors.With the development of the past dynasties, the ancient costume culture of Our country presents a different trend of evolution.Before the Qin and Han Dynasties, due to the limitation of production conditions, the costumes of that period were relatively simple. To be precise, the patterns of materials, patterns and colors were not as good as those of later generations.But in spite of this, as the function of distinguishing people’s hierarchical identity, clothes did not waver, and still strictly abide by the system.During the reign of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, Zhang Qian went on an envoy to the Western Regions. The “Silk Road” strengthened the cultural exchanges between the Western Han Dynasty and other countries, including clothing culture and clothing materials.With the national integration and the strengthening of the connection with other countries in the world, China’s costume culture has been more and more influenced and has taken on a more colorful look.For example, the introduction of “Hu fu” and other ethnic costumes.In the Sui, Tang and Song dynasties, the economy and culture flourished, and the development of clothing, regardless of material or style, showed an unprecedented brilliant scene.After the Song Dynasty, with the strengthening of the autocratic monarchy, each dynasty and each generation paid more and more attention to the hierarchy of costume system.The royal family and aristocrats made a lot of restrictions on costumes to show the distinction between status and common people.Why is it necessary to distinguish between different classes of people from their clothes?In fact, this is because the ruler hopes to restrict civilians through clothing, so that they obey their rule and keep their place.Since the clothes of nobility and commoners distinguish the “high and low” of identity, the clothes of nobility and commoners are naturally very different.The common people were mostly labourers, engaged in farming activities, or engaged in small businesses.Therefore, although the civilian clothing of each dynasty and each generation is different, it is basically given priority to with short tunic, cloth and color are relatively simple, regardless of men and women, clothing is “does not affect the work” for the purpose.As for the more affluent families, they could wear beautiful clothes made of silks and satins, but the specifications were of a certain level, and no matter how luxurious they were, they could not exceed those of the nobility.As for the nobility, it is well known that in our ancient slave and feudal society, the nobility enjoyed special privileges.Therefore, in order to highlight the nobleness of the status, the clothes of the aristocrats were naturally quite different from those of the common people, and were full of gorgeous scenes.However, it must have been very inconvenient for the noble women in their fine clothes, especially the long skirts that swept the ground.In addition to inconvenient, more attention should be walking up dirty skirt how to do?That question is actually quite easy to answer.As aristocrats, they were not only valuable, but also rich.One would think that such a long dress would be very difficult to wash if it got dirty, but in fact the aristocracy didn’t bother to wash it at all, because the price of a piece of clothing didn’t matter to them. If it got dirty, it was just a rag, not worth wearing again.Because of this, the nobility, especially the royal family, some simple people will wear the washed clothes again and again, and even repair the old clothes to wear, which is very rare in the nobility, we have to say that poverty limits our imagination.Second, nobles did not have to work, they would travel with maids to help with the hem of their skirts, and where they went, there would be a special person to clean up, so that there was not much dirt.For example, in the Yuan Dynasty, when the noblewoman went out for pleasure, she had to be pulled by female slaves because of her long clothes.The mais are not worn very often, of course, except that affluence and status make dirty clothes readily discarded by wealthy families.In fact, we have overlooked a more important question: did the ancient aristocracy really wear these floor-length dresses every day?The so-called “maxi dress” is basically based on formal dress, even nobles, they do not wear these formal dress every day to travel, because the occasion to wear formal dress are specific.For example, we are familiar with the “Phoenix coronet shapei”, that is, the whole coronet is decorated with dragon and phoenix, matching shapei to wear together, is the dress of the Ming Dynasty women.And “Phoenix coronet and rank of rank” is the concubine can wear when attending the major ceremony such as sacrifice, although extremely luxurious, but we also see not hard, the use frequency of these dresses should not be high.Not everything was extravagant, not only for the nobility, but also for the royal family.When it comes to thrifty emperors and empresses, even royal women may not be able to wear these “maxi dresses”.Emperor Liu Heng of The Han Dynasty is a famous “frugal emperor” in history. He is known for his frugality and love of people. He wants to build a terrace for himself.Moreover, Emperor Wen himself dressed simply, and not only himself.He also asked his favorite Mrs. Shen, the clothes should not drag to the ground, the evil curtain is not embroidered patterns, to make an example.Visible, encounter such a simple emperor, even if it is a concubine queen can not wear this “drag long skirt”.By the Ming and Qing dynasties, influenced by ethnic integration, “maxi skirt” was gradually becoming less common among aristocracies.To sum up, ancient Chinese clothing is fully combined with society and human nature.Ancient clothing was influenced by social politics, class, especially hierarchy, etc. At the same time, with the emancipation of the mind and the progress of The Times, people gradually began to have the courage to express themselves, and constantly broke the fixed clothing under the social hierarchy.What do you think about that?