The ill-fated redmi note5a

2022-04-27 0 By

My Redmi Note5A is truly the saddest phone in the world.I bought it about five years ago, and we’ve been using it as a backup.I can do without the games and the phone anyway.Now when I start to do this, I have to mark the number so I can remember how many times I’ve done it.1. In 2020, the battery is not good, so buy a battery online.In 2020, I purchased the outer screen glass online and destroyed the original inner screen.In 2020, the inner and outer screens with middle frames will be purchased again and repaired.110 yuan 4 in 2021, the outer screen cracked again, buy a set of inner and outer screen frame, 90 yuan 5 at the end of 2021, the battery does not work again, change the battery, 50 yuan.6. At the end of 2021, the outer screen is broken again, so I can buy a mobile phone of the same type online and directly replace the screen components.At the end of 2021, three days after the replacement, I broke the outer screen again. This time, I replaced the outer screen by myself and tore down the inner screen again.0 yuan.8. At the end of 2021, we can only purchase the internal and external screen components again, and this time we can make perfect repairs.60 yuan 9, just yesterday, riding out, broke the screen again, is the picture below this mobile phone.This time, I won’t do it again, I won’t fix it again, I’ll sell it to the recycling station, I’ll get 55 yuan, deduct the delivery fee, and I’ll probably get 40 yuan in the end.That’s the fate of my phone. What could be worse?But it’s not over yet. It could be refurbished by a recycling agency, put back in the hands of someone else, or end up in Africa with its little black brothers.Alas, given the choice, it would regret being a phone.