Shenzhen new house open 15% high commission, with visitors to the door can draw 500 yuan red envelope?’It’s harder than ever to sell a house,’ says agent

2022-04-27 0 By

After the Lunar New Year, the “inner volume” of shenzhen’s new house market started again as more people returned to Shenzhen.”It is not easy to sell second-hand houses. Our colleagues focus on new houses after resuming work, and some developers give high commission.”In futian district bagualing, manager Sun is sorting out the company’s agent of the new plate information.”At present, most of the new plate projects on the market in Shenzhen have not sold out, including the once popular Baoan, Longhua, Guangming area, we take you to the project signing, you can give some concessions.”Market public information shows, located in luohu Shennan East Road, a new plate, open a single set of transaction commission as high as 15%, the intermediary as long as the guests can take 100 to 500 yuan gift card red envelope, the poster also attached “one effort, three returns” and other very encouraging words.However, the corresponding product with high commission is “4.5 meters high, 52-93 square meters creative space”, namely the project’s office products, with a total price range of 4.02 million to 33.28 million yuan.In other words, a total price of 4 million from a house, to the intermediary transaction commission reached 600,000 start.”Of course, most new homes are also difficult to sell, especially office products and business apartments.”Manager Sun smiled and said, “I have no choice but to take a chance on the high commission.”In addition, some new houses with “firm prices” also launched special offers to attract buyers after the Lunar New Year.In Luohu Shuibei, the reporter found a new dish sales situation is not optimistic, but after the opening of more than two months, also launched after the Lunar New Year 15 sets of “special” housing source test water.It can be said that with the gradual deepening of shenzhen property market regulation, developers waiting for customers to come to grab the day is difficult to reproduce.During the Spring Festival this year (January 31 ~ February 6), shenzhen new house and second-hand house turnover (completed property rights transfer) were zero and 1 respectively.Data from Shenzhen Zhongyuan Research Center show that shenzhen entered the market in January 6 new housing projects, including residential projects, but no project sold out, the overall opening of only 19%, market wait-and-see sentiment is still high.”In the last year, almost half the people in our store have left, either to small loan companies or to their hometowns.”Compared with those who choose to leave, the real estate agents who stay are also doing their best to face the cooling property market.”It’s harder than ever to sell, and this year is unpredictable.”Manager Sun sighed.(Wu Jiaming)