Please rectify the units below “exposure desk” immediately

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To eliminate risk prevent handan city fire rescue team officer under micro exposure unit to fire safety risk left left left fire hazard units located in wei country great line sand mouth han set township wei country there are five-star furniture city fire safety hazard: 1, service areas, fire extinguisher put do not conform to the requirements, after inspection found that the fire extinguisher has reached the scrap fixed number of year;2. A fire extinguisher conduit has been damaged;3. No emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs are installed in the business area;4, the business area switch installed on the wood does not meet the requirements.Daming Petrochemical gas station located in the north of Handa Highway daming County has the following fire safety hazards: 1.2. The static grounding device in tank area is not kept intact and effective;3. The line laying on the back wall of the station house is in disorder, and some electric lines are not protected through pipes.Located in the south of the Cultural and Educational Sports Bureau, Xinghua Road, Feixiang Town, Feixiang District, Handan city, Qingxinyuan Grand Hyatt Grand Hotel has the following fire safety hazards: 1. No fire control room is set up;2. The steel frame structure of the four-floor wedding hall has not been fireproof sprayed;3. Staff dormitory is set in the foot therapy hall on the second floor.Located at the intersection of Dongcheng Road and Renmin Road in Guangping County (on the fifth floor of Shuangli Shopping Center), Xinge Cinema in Guangping County has the following fire safety hazards: 1.2, the unit’s daily fire inspection record book is incomplete;3. Fire extinguishers in the bar are blocked by billboards;4. The staff is not proficient in the four fire-fighting abilities and the use of fire extinguishers.The above hidden trouble units, please immediately rectification, rectification period, to increase the frequency of fire inspection, on the key parts, to strengthen civil air defense, technical defense, to ensure safety.Source: Handan Fire Department