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“Vegetable root Tan” said: “repeated human feelings, the road rugged.Time makes people grow up, time makes people mature, gradually, have a deeper understanding of life.To be a man, only with a pleasant attitude, a firm attitude and a calm heart can we live a wonderful life in the wind and rain.In the strange book “Night Talk around the Stove”, it is said that “harmony welcomes people, and peace should be answered.”It is an excellent accomplishment to communicate with others in a friendly manner and make them comfortable.There is an old saying that harmony begets wealth and brings happiness. In the hearts of Chinese people, harmony is always valued.”Tao Te Ching · Chapter 8” said: “The upper good is like water, water benefits all things without dispute.Is to tell us to be like water, learn to control their temper.The ancients cloud, xi when not promise, sad when not language, anger when not fighting, chaos when not determined, tired when the end.Life won’t always be perfect. It’s normal to have emotions.But irritability, unable to control their emotions, not only can not solve the problem, but will make the problem more serious, harm others harm yourself.Yan Shu, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, became famous when he was young and became a prime minister.It is recorded in The History of Song · Biography of Yan Shu.Once Yan Shu went to the Yuqing Zhaoying Palace, but his entourage was very slow. The entourage came after him with panhud.Yan Shu became angry and hit him with his plate, breaking his teeth.On this matter, the imperial historian impeached Yan Shu, saying that it was improper for Yan Shu to beat people as a court official.In the end, Song Renzong listened to their advice and sent Yan Shu to Xuanzhou so that he could temper his temper.In the Analects of Confucius, it is said: “The superior people have the ability to have a temper, the middle people have the ability to have a temper, and the inferior people have the ability to have a temper.Life is won in harmony, lost in temper.Only know how to control temper, tolerance of others, will make their own life full of sunshine.As the saying goes, “When you say something soft, you do it hard.”A wise man is not tactful, but a mixture of hardness and softness, soft and hard, with inner principles.During her years of performing career, Mei Lanfang had been immersed in opera and could not give it up.1931, the 918 Incident broke out, China suddenly came to the crossroads of life and death.After the Japanese invaded China, Mei Lanfang reluctantly grew a beard to avoid being called into the opera by the Japanese, and changed the habit of hanging her voice every day.In order to evade the Invitation of the Japanese, he asked the doctor to give himself three injections of typhoid fever, the manufacture of fever symptoms, nearly died.The Japanese army and the Puppet government of Wang were extremely dissatisfied with Mei Lanfang’s dismissal, so they froze Mei Lanfang’s deposits in Hong Kong.Unable to perform on stage, with no livelihood and no savings, Mei Lanfang did not let go, selling her old house in Beijing and the collection she had collected over the years, and was even forced to borrow to survive.Feng Zikai once sighed: in the vast history, how many people have wiped their rice bowls for the sake of patriotism?When Mei Lanfang heard the news of the victory in 1945, she burst into tears.Mr. Mei Lanfang came down from the attic with half his face covered by a fan, and the crowd looked at him curiously.When he got close, he took out the fan and found that Mei Lanfang had shaved her beard.Soon after, he was on stage again to a packed house.If persistence is the moat of success, then bowing into the game is the diamond armour of work.Mr. May is such a hard-nosed man.Mei Lanfang died in 1961 at the age of 67.Mei Lanfang is now mentioned again as a singer, a dancer, a patriot and a true people’s artist.Yang worthy of the day, not at the zun, in order to win the respect and recognition of others, steady zhiyuan.There is an old saying: “every time there is a quiet atmosphere, do not believe this time without ancient sages.”Static gas, is to remove the impetuous heart, see the essence of things.If a person is impetuous, things will be disorderly, will only make their behavior abnormal, advance and retreat.And no matter what situation, can let the heart keep quiet, is the most powerful person, can become great.At the famous battle of Feishui, the Eastern Jin dynasty faced off against the former Qin, the former having fewer than 100,000 troops, while the latter boasted an army of millions of tigers and wolves.Such an emergency of life and death, the whole country a panic, only the prime minister Xie an calm, to the identity of the chief commander to deal with all kinds of military affairs, and sent eighty thousand elite troops to resist.Xie an went on playing chess, playing the piano, drinking wine and composing poems, but never talked about the confrontation between the two armies.Before setting out, General Xie Xuan went to ask for advice on how to defeat the enemy. Xie an looked calm and replied, “The imperial court has made other arrangements.”Seeing xie an’s confident attitude, Xie Xuan was determined. He and the other generals took their respective positions and trained their troops. The army and the people were ready to fight and finally defeated the Qin army and won the victory.Less impetuous, more quiet gas, to break the dilemma, a bright future and a village.”Zhaode new edition” said: “Quiet water is bright image, quiet heart is wisdom.”To achieve great things, the heart can not be without static gas, only when things do not panic, do not panic, to quiet wisdom.Attitude and smile to resolve the haze;Work hard, adhere to the bottom line worthy of heart;A quiet heart, he calmly laugh to the end.I hope you and I can cultivate morality, treat people with kindness, work hard, calm gas reservoir heart, all the ups and downs on the road of life, into nutrients for upward growth, and achieve a better yourself.Anchor: zhang jiaxuan CCTV 2021 “pay tribute to national monument — national red storyteller contest” volunteer group silver prize winner article source: jingboguoxue (ID: jingboguoxue) author: cherry.Product: Minsheng Weekly (ID: MSWeekly) New Media Department “People’s Famous products” understand different “people’s” domestic products, to create extraordinary people’s livelihood “famous products”.”People’s Livelihood Weekly”, sponsored by the People’s Daily, is China’s only weekly news focusing on people’s livelihood.