Lanzhou agricultural insurance helps the development of characteristic industries

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China lanzhou network on February 27th In recent years, the agricultural insurance in lanzhou city expansion planes DiBiao unceasing development, the current of the city’s open policy agricultural insurance has been increased to 26 varieties, the basic realization of “one county in fujian” characteristics of agricultural products include all insurance coverage goal, overall reduce the agricultural insurance rate, farmers are further enhanced.Agricultural insurance wants development, policy plan must go ahead.In 2018, Gansu Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau vigorously carried out the work of “increasing products, expanding coverage, raising standards and reducing fees” of agricultural insurance.In the past three years, Lanzhou has achieved a total of 341 million yuan in agricultural insurance premiums, 221,200 insured households, and 240 million yuan in compensation, from which 138,600 households directly benefited.By 2021, lanzhou has increased the number of policy-based agricultural insurance products to 26, basically realizing the goal of “one county, one product” featured agricultural products covered by insurance coverage.The overall reduction in agricultural insurance premiums reflects the policy orientation of supporting and benefiting farmers and benefiting the people.By the end of 2021, Lanzhou had insured an area of 1.7828 million mu of crops in the planting industry, insured the number of 3.3508 million livestock and poultry in the breeding industry, realized the premium income of 189 million yuan, the compensation expenditure of 160 million yuan, and provided 17.979 billion yuan of risk protection for the city’s agricultural production.At present, Lanzhou has basically formed a “3+4” insurance system of “bulk planting and breeding, regional dominant varieties, local characteristic products” and “traditional cost insurance, target price insurance, weather index insurance, insurance + futures”, and built a mutually complementary agricultural risk guarantee system between the central and local governments.Among them, PICC piloted The Yongdeng Rose Price Index insurance. Since its launch in 2017, the insurance has collected a total of 2,370,200 yuan in premiums and paid 2,9666,900 yuan in compensation, with a simple loss rate of 125.18%, providing a risk transfer and dispersion mechanism for rose farmers.Guosu Property Insurance innovatively developed forest carbon sink index insurance and forest carbon sink price insurance products, providing carbon sink loss risk protection for 11,742 mu of forest in Lanzhou New Area, effectively helping Gansu province achieve the dual carbon goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutral”.Xue Xiaoxia, media reporter of Lanzhou Daily, lanzhou Daily editor: Liu Mingde