How to love project cost?

2022-04-27 0 By

As with any job, we are likely to be motivated by a sense of achievement, if not pay.Getting a sense of accomplishment isn’t necessarily a big thing, but it can be a little thing.Take my apprenticeship: the first time I used EXCEL macros to define an assignment (although I found similar code available online), you know how happy I was.It was the first time to independently review the subcontract settlement, and I finally signed and sealed it. I was ecstatic when I saw the exquisite settlement report prepared by myself.The first time I finished modeling a large project, the model had almost no problems, and when I saw the 3D model, you know how happy I was.You know how happy I am when you see people who don’t understand and don’t know why.You know how happy I was when the owner of the cost company first asked my boss to ask me.You know how happy I am to have my first digger.The first time to negotiate a contract in person, how happy I was after the successful negotiation.You know, when I first led the drawing review of the construction unit as a budget officer, I was sitting in a row of designers, talking to each other, and HOW happy I was.You know how happy I am that the auditor’s budget officer invited me, the budget officer I’m reviewing, to dinner.You know how happy I am when all the leaders and bosses praise me and I am praised by the working group inside the company.What motivates me is the sense of achievement, apart from the money, because I finish my work seriously.This sense of accomplishment and gain completely counterbalances the powerlessness of a boring job.