Heze county catch-up: further promote the change of style, improve the business environment

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China Shandong network – perception shandong February 10 news (reporter Yuan Wenqing Wang Danyu) tiger spring comes early, when Heze forge ahead.At the start of the New Year, heze city counties have a convention, to further promote the transformation attitude, improve the business environment, the next step for deployment arrangement, in order to “powerful, full of glory, energetic energy, power and Wan Liru tiger spirit, bright heart commitment, voting, bear, Ming style, talk about ideas, take measures, implement and steady person,Sound the charge horn with practical work, strive to create a “breakthrough heze, behind” new situation.High-tech zone: full fire, press high quality development “fast forward key” recently, Heze High-tech Zone Party working committee secretary, management committee director Guo Preservation presided over the whole district work conference.The meeting summarized and reviewed the work of the region in 2021, analyzed and evaluated the current situation, and arranged and deployed key tasks in 2022.In accordance with the spirit of the 2022 Regional work Conference, Heze High-tech Zone will closely around the city’s “231” characteristic industry system, grasp the general requirements of “four efforts”, with nine key work as the starting point, to promote the high-quality development of various undertakings in the region.Guo save stressed that the “high-tech” development of faith, with potential, grasp the current opportunity awareness, enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency, space to seize opportunities, speed up the reform of the release of the vitality of the power, accurately grasp the “high-tech” development localization, with positive attitude, pragmatic style of work hard and progressive spirit, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative,We will fully implement the development goal of “high-tech”, ensure new breakthroughs in all aspects of work, and strive to build the high-tech zone into an economic and technological zone and a livable zone.Juye County: Strong style, excellent environment, Strive to write a new chapter of High-quality Leaping development Juye County held a conference on strengthening style construction and optimizing business environment in the morning of February 6th.Feng Yanli, secretary of Juye County Party Committee, stressed that all levels of departments and the majority of party members and cadres should act quickly, with full enthusiasm and a highly responsible attitude, work hard, take responsibility, and strive to promote the high-quality leap-forward development of Juye with the new results of strengthening the work style construction and optimizing the business environment.Feng Yanli stressed that efforts should be made to strengthen the work style construction and optimize the business environment, which shows the attitude of the county Party Committee and the county government to face up to the problems and the determination of rectification. All levels and departments of the county should tighten their responsibilities and tighten the “screw cap” to strengthen the work style construction and optimize the business environment.We need to focus our efforts inward and strike a “combination of blows” to improve work practices and improve the business environment.To provide “nanny style” service, all guarantee enterprises, project personnel information should be publicly released, establish a project, a set of team, front-line services, to the end of the work mechanism, work together to overcome obstacles and difficulties, to ensure the smooth progress of project construction.The dingtao area:Cadres and speaks to bear, efficiency, service, pay on February 6, heze tao area priority promoting meeting, requirement of leading cadres at all levels from festival atmosphere as soon as possible, adjust good work condition, active ideological unity to district party committee, district government work deployment, the heart back to their respective positions,In the region, a strong atmosphere of entrepreneurship and speed up has been rapidly formed, and a new journey has been started with a spirit of decisive battle at the beginning and sprint at the beginning, making a good start.Zhu Zhonghua, secretary of dingtao District party Committee of Heze City, stressed that all levels and departments should take “the construction of cadres’ style of work to continue to improve the year” as the starting point, improve the state, improve the efficiency, from top to bottom to launch a deeper, more strict standards of cadres’ style of work to improve the action.Cadres at all levels, especially leading ones, must vigorously promote the work style of “strict, earnest, careful, practical and quick”, set a good example, stress responsibility, and maintain a vigorous and promising state of mind.Emphasize efficiency, advocate to set up the work ethos of saying and doing;Focus on service and create a business environment near and far away;Focus on efforts, create an atmosphere of diligence and dedication, and lead the whole district to accelerate high-quality development in the new journey of building a modern Fumei New District.On February 7th, cao County held a mobilization meeting to change the working style and optimize the business environment.County party secretary Zhao Fulong attended the meeting and speech.Zhao demanded that all departments at all levels of the county further change their work style, create a first-class business environment, and provide a strong guarantee for the county’s high-quality economic and social development.We should vigorously carry out the work of striving for the first class, striving for the first class in overall work, the first class in assessment work, and strive for the first class across the catch-up.To vigorously change the work style, vigorously promote the banner is to seize, strive for first-class work style;Vigorously promote the courage to take responsibility, active work style;Vigorously promote the work style of solid hard work and hard work;Vigorously promote the work style of being good at learning and devoted to research;Vigorously promote the vigorous and thorough work style;Vigorously promote the work style of meeting difficulties head-on and overcoming difficulties;Vigorously promote the work style of practical work and high efficiency;Vigorously promote the indomitable, constant dropping wears away a stone style of work;Vigorously promote strict discipline, orders and prohibitions of work style;Vigorously promote diligent and clean government, clean and upright style of work.On February 8, Shanxian county held the action pledge conference of “Five-year breakthrough” for key industry development.The meeting thoroughly carried out the central provincial and municipal economic work conference spirit and county party congress, “two sessions” work requirements, grand recognition of outstanding entrepreneurs and advanced collective service economic development.Geng Zhenhua, secretary of the County Party Committee, pointed out that we should unify our thinking, build consensus and clarify why we should carry out the five-year breakthrough action.It is the inevitable choice to grasp the general trend and follow the law to strengthen the county with industry.Firm “industry county, industry strong county” road, is high-quality development, behind the urgent choice.Firm “industry county, industry strong county” road, is to seize the opportunity to win the future of strategic choice.It is an active choice based on the foundation and conforming to public opinion to strengthen the county by industry.Focusing on the implementation of breakthroughs in key industries, the individual county issued the Implementation Opinions on the “Five-year Breakthrough” action for the Development of Key Industries, and proposed the work goal of “starting momentum in one year, achieving results in three years, and achieving a breakthrough of 100 billion yuan in five years”.Juancheng: Juancheng county held a meeting of standing Committee (expanded) on February 8.Meeting the main task in jinping new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, to mobilize the county the masses of party members and cadres, tightly around the county 15th party congress to determine target tasks, is focused on the “ten working thread”, Benedict is not idle, racing, efforts to create the county’s economic and social “crossing catch up, thus” new situation.Sun Wei said at the meeting that the proposal of “Ten main lines of work” is a concrete measure to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of Shandong and the work deployment of provinces and cities, is an effective way for the new team to successfully achieve the new mission, and is the practical need to further solve the development problems and promote high-quality development.All levels of the county departments to always maintain strategic concentration, boost the spirit of energy, focus on the cause, ensure that the juancheng economic and social undertakings to achieve greater breakthroughs.Be proactive as grasp implementation, there must be no, thoughts, such as to further a line of investigation and study, listen to the truth, to touch the truth, dare to bear, responsible, can’t be setter, more can’t be the shopkeeper of cutting, for level 1 to level 1, level with the level of dry, stepping stones to leave, catch the iron has a mark of momentum, trying to grasp reality, pays special attention to, all work out.Chengwu:On February 9, Chengwu County in 2022 work mobilization conference held, the main task of the meeting is to implement the province’s 2022 work mobilization meeting and the county’s fourteenth Party Congress and the spirit of the two sessions, arrangements and deployment of the current and future a period of key work in the county,Mobilize the county to unify the thinking, strengthen responsibility, change the style of work, pay close attention to implementation, a good start, to ensure the full completion of this year’s goals and tasks, to promote the county’s high-quality economic and social development.Cheng Wu county party secretary Huang Fuchang presided over the meeting, and focus on the construction of cadres from the style of work requirements.Huang Fuchang stressed: “The provinces and cities have set up a distinct development orientation, focusing on the success or failure of the project, focusing on the hero of the project, and focusing on big industries and big projects. We are facing unprecedented crisis and pressure.In this regard, we will never choose to be a ‘Buddhist’ cadre who is comfortable and unambitious. Instead, we will serve the people like a willing ox, a pioneer ox serving the people through innovation and development, and a soldier of the ‘three oxen’ who work hard and serve the old cattle.”Mudan District: To promote the “work style improvement year”, pay close attention to the “six bad tendencies” and “six kinds of people”, to achieve “six broken and six standing” February 10th, Mudan District held the “work style improvement year” mobilization conference.The meeting mainly mobilized party members and cadres of the whole region to change their work style, improve efficiency, tree image, with a new state of mind, full of work enthusiasm, pay close attention to implementation, overcome difficulties, hard work, hard work and fast work, promote the economic and social development of the region to a new level, achieve new results, achieve new breakthroughs.The work goal is to focus on the “six kinds of bad tendencies” and “six kinds of people”, conduct in-depth investigation, and make corrections while checking to achieve “six kinds of breaking and six kinds of standing” :We should not be complacent with the status quo, we should be pioneering and forging ahead, we should not be complacent with backwardness, we should not be timid, we should not be bold and dare to do, we should not be “waiting to see”, we should not be proactive.”Local governments, departments and units where conduct problems are prominent and where misconduct has been breeding and spreading for a long time, especially those that should be investigated without being investigated, without being investigated without being investigated, and without being investigated without being strictly investigated, will be prioritized for rectification and investigated to the end.”Peony district party secretary Yin Maolin said.