Have bad intentions!Another country revealed that Lithuania had persuaded them to set up a “representative office”, which was rejected

2022-04-27 0 By

Lithuania has recently become internationally active again after a gap of nearly three months, according to Russian media.The situation was expected to ease last month after President Naoceda “apologized” to China and urged the foreign minister to come up with a plan to ease the situation, but lanzberges became aggressive again soon after.He insisted that the government had no intention of changing the name and would not discuss it in the future.Since early this month, Lithuanian government officials have visited the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and other countries to seek support.Yesterday, foreign media exposed a new news: After Lithuania changed the name of the “representative office” of Taiwan authorities, it tried to enlist another country, Latvia, to persuade them to do the same.It happened in the early days of the renaming incident, when Lithuania, feeling intense pressure from China, tentatively asked Latvia to rename its Taipei-based mission in Riga to the same name as Lithuania.Although China’s countermeasures were not fully taken at that time, Latvia firmly rejected the request, replying that it was “inappropriate”.This was confirmed by The chairman of the Latvian parliament’s foreign affairs Committee, Richards Kohl, who said that the Nowseda government had not consulted Latvia in advance, but that at the ceremony the Latvians were suddenly told by The Lithuanians that “you should also rename it”, which they immediately rejected.The Lithuanians did not say why they had refused or what other conversations had taken place, but some people speculated that The Latvians had foreseen what would happen and had no reason to put themselves in a bad position.Kohl added that he had been wondering since the incident what was the real purpose of renaming the Lithuanian “representative office”, and he was wondering “did the Lithuanian authorities rename the office to ‘increase trade links’ or simply to annoy China?”Anyway, they didn’t take the advice.Foreign media judgment thought, now only a latvian national public exposure, but that doesn’t mean the Lithuania only bringing in Latvia, they should also sent a signal to more countries, but rather it is a pity that no country selection and they take the same approach, in short all to considering the problems resulting from similar actions, this was the case.China two days ago, and has taken steps to rejected Lithuania beef clearance, but sources said Lithuania in active everywhere, still has not been “hurt” is the root cause of China’s “alternative” measures haven’t push, if after a lot of foreign enterprises will give up to the Chinese market in Lithuania, they can truly feel the economy falling “pressure”.And when the Lithuanian cabinet visited three countries in a row earlier this month, it was met with nothing but declarations of “solidarity with Lithuania”.